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The Harmony Community is probably the most Advanced Alternative Lifestyle Project to be undertaken anywhere in the World

Adopt, Adapt & Share. Join us…

The scope of the Harmony Community Project embraces the key issues we should all be asking ourselves. Can we re-integrate ourselves into nature and thrive? Use empowering technology that is respectful all Life. Can joyful community cohesion be sustained? Is it possible to offer greater society a lifestyle template that encourages personal sovereignty, nurtures individual freedoms and choice? One that shares the benefits of a cooperative community while avoiding the traps of failed divisive ideology? Can Wisdom and Education trump laws? All questions that need to be answered if our species is going to evolve and Survive in Style!

Explore with us the ethical and sustainable philosophies our lifestyle template will reveal using ultimately respectful technology and Natures guiding principles. What futurists term – Bio-mimicry – utilising the practical philosophy of a Resource Based Society.

Our world, our society is troubled.

Our need to undertake a pioneering reset has never been more important. The way we live and the value systems we live by… must be revisited and resolved. Nothing humanity has ever accomplished was achieved without cooperative teamwork. Today’s Rat-maze, leading only to a hamster-wheel trap … has divided us. Its distorted and competitive culture is undermining the very fabric of human endeavour. We are encouraging all who appreciate the urgency; to engage with our project. Watch, follow and share our success and challenges. Ethical and Sustainable, Off-Grid, Off-System Independence are the very Building Blocks of this well-planned initiative.

Abundance and respectful personal sovereignty are not only feasible, it is our Birth Right!

Is it too much to demand: Ethical, Holistic Concepts and “Universally Conscious” Value systems Embracing Community Cohesion. We don’t think so…

The best practice proven business-models, eco-architecture, respectful technologies, the egalitarian principles this community will share… Can pave the way for others to adopt, adapt and share again. To seek an alternative to the Profit gouging, Disempowering, Machine World being foisted upon us.

Your engagement is welcomed.

Get involved, comment, share with friends. An intentional network of concerned and awake people is essential… If we-the-people are going to explore the solutions our overly centralized-governments seem to have no intention of offering… or implementing. We… (the founding members of this project) are saying enough! …Of the fear-mongering, fake-news world of corporate corruption and political collusion. Our labour will no-longer sustain the purveyors of products that finance the toxic schemes of egregious greed. Nor will we support the powerful agendas of false, debt-based economic-growth at the expense of the environment and the dismay of the people. Let’s come together, supporting the values and aspirations we KNOW must be achieved. To the nay-sayers, we say:

Don’t down-grade your Dream to fit their Reality… Upgrade your conviction to Empower your Destiny.