Can 7 Billion Humans Live In Harmony With Nature and perhaps even each other? It's a question we must answer urgently...

Is a realistic attempt to solve this question. The founders of this community intend create a lifestyle template that can be copied, adapted and reinvented on a large scale across the world. We recognise that there are many off grid communities... Rarely however has an attempt been made to use every aspect of sustainable hi-tech vertical farming and low-tech permaculture, aquaculture, organic domestic livestock production and more, with a view to maximizing independence with long term sustainability. It will tackle best practice water capture, recycling, waste management with an attractive architectural design aesthetic integrated sensitively into it's setting. We strongly recommend that human habitats become far more self sufficient on a much smaller scale. The modern reliance on large scale grids of power, food production and waste management (or lack thereof) is a major part of the problem. Industrial farming methodologies need a major overhaul. Toxic effluent and fossil fuel emissions must cease urgently. 

Undoubtedly the technological star of the community will be its unique ability to generate electricity from gravity by virtue of an EnergyWell. This device unlike Solar and Wind options is not dependent on weather or position. It will operate 24 hours a day driven by the only force readily available anywhere on our planet. Easily protected from violent storms it offers a reliable and continuous electricity resource that many around the world may wish to adopt.

The holistic nature of the community encompasses many fundamental needs: Shelter, Energy, Health, Food, Education and self actualisation. We are deliberately attempting not just to imitate a natural environment, we will endeavour to allow natural fauna to exist within the system. Encouraging vital smaller forms of bio-diversity to remain embedded with human habitation. As this community is to be built in an African environment we need to recognise the larger predators cannot be realistically integrated. We note however, leading scientists endeavoring to rewrite best practice have recommendations that may allow future town planners to develop corridors for coexistence. There is much evidence that restoring natural migration flows complete with the predator/prey competition cycle may well be the only way that vulnerable natural habitats (like the great plains of the US and the African Savannah, to mention just two) can exist in a sustainable fashion. These issues will be dealt with in future posts. Today's city dwellers are so far removed from the natural environment they may wonder why such efforts are required over and above the obvious desire to protect beautiful mammals. The Web of life is complex and we have yet to discover which species are key to bio-diversity as a whole. There is a growing realization that it is not wise to gamble with environmental collapse as we have done during these past years of industrialization.

The scope of The Harmony Community project is far greater than will be immediately evident from it's modest development. Key to it's inspirational factor is the integrated methodologies using highly advanced sustainable technologies and ultimate best practices. A smart training facility and determined awareness campaign will support the founding member's commitment to the sustainable ideal. We will share all the innovative ideas that prove the principle of harmonious sustainability. Where ever possible, we will also showcase the viable alternative energy technologies we suspect have been withheld from mankind. Including the unique EnergyWell gravity driven generator. It is our aim to inspire and motivate others seeking a more harmonious, stress free and independent lifestyle. Ultimately we must beat the shadow looming over mankind that is chaotic climate. The real science behind this issue is more complex than the mainstream narrative would have us believe - unquestionably the weather is changing and we are going to have to adapt to it in terms of food production. Our team will share the methods we believe promise the best way forward. We recognise that our long term survival depends on that of the species as a whole. There is no such thing as an effective doomsday prepper principle that will work if Earth's bio-diversity fails.


While The Harmony Community is a rural low density, self sustainable village concept. We fully recognise that urban, commercial and industrial centers must have equally sustainable templates suitable for towns and cities to adopt without the need to start from scratch. Existing urban and suburban development will need to make the transition in stages. The reality is that the evolution of an existing city will require a piecemeal approach. Community by community. I'm sure we would all love to see a radical transition like that of the future cityscape example above - sadly this will not be feasible overnight.

The need to transform all existing development raises many issues of a financial nature. Such as who pays for the technology and ecological sensitive greening of homes, commerce and industry. The easy answer is ultimately you do... whether its by virtue of taxes or out of your own pocket. Before you throw your hands up in the air crying I can't afford this... please note that Europe is already moving in this direction. England and Germany amongst others have created incentives for home owners to improve home insulation and install solar panels. They give tax breaks for truly green concept buildings. Initiatives of this nature definitely help - more could be done. That these efforts are not being followed through strongly or fast enough with major commerce and industry  is a sad fact. Your taxes are not being wisely spent - for starters; trillions of dollars of the world's economies go to subsidizing big oil, coal and gas. No longer required. Most of the money being "printed" is going directly to the bankers, who share it with the big corporations, who in turn eke a little out onto the street. The 1% is sponging up the cash generated by the middle classes and the poor at a faster rate than any time in modern history. All in the name of economic growth. It is very clear to citizen observers that the illusion of "growth" only adds to the one percent's bank account. National and individual debt has become a weapon of mass destruction.

This unbalanced approach cannot continue. It is the biggest abusers of the environment and the financial system who are carrying the smallest financial load due to their ability to influence government legislation. It is for this reason we the people - the global citizen, will have to build on a growing grass roots movement, demanding our governments tackle these issues rationally and fairly. Surely the most important democratic prerogative is the survival of the species?! To achieve that the time we have available will require nothing less than mankind's complete transformation of the way we interact with our planets biosphere and the natural environment. Global warming is not a localized issue. For that reason we the people are going to have to adopt the idea we are global citizens and come together and speak truth to power with one voice. Can it be done? 

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There is reason for hope...

There is a growing realization across the world that our governments and the highly controlled mass media are not telling the whole story. Nonetheless, people the world over are becoming aware of the critical nature of the problem. While it is clear that political inertia and on/off manmade/or not debate is not developing solutions anywhere near fast enough to mitigate massive environmental damage - this has kick-started a considerable number of organisations and think tanks developing realistic ideas, plans and protests for citizens to get behind. If you aren't already aware of these initiatives we will introduce them to you on this site. If we support these initiatives determinedly we can demand our politicians rethink their approach to government.

Effectively this struggle is a battle between 7 billion worldwide citizens versus a few hundred greedy oligarchs manipulating a few thousand key political leaders and hidden bureaucrats. To a greater or lessor extant they are supported by 1% of the worlds total population who own between them nearly half of all the money in the world. Admittedly the oligarchs have an unlimited budget... In our favour however, is the fact that we are their marketplace! We can vote with our pennies.  While we may not purchase their raw materials or participate in their international banking scams... we buy the end product OR NOT! We can in some cases disrupt their businesses by refusing our labour. You have more power than you realise. As for the "leadership" ...most of us already know or at least suspect our politicians (especially at the higher levels) are selected for us. Leaving us with a "choice" that amounts to the lessor of two evils. A choice that is often no choice at all. Our complicity is what they rely on... it must be challenged! The initiatives I referred to earlier are designed to do just that. It should be realized that there is only so much manipulation the oligarchs can get away with in the face of determined resistance. Resistance is growing at all levels of society; within a global population no longer willing to accept the grim future "business as usual" will bring. This something we should have done years ago... humanity is finally faced with the crisis that demands we tackle it now. The stakes have never been higher. Failure is a mass extinction event.

NB: The founding members of The Harmony Community have no political aspirations other joining with global citizens seeking to transform society for the survival and betterment of all mankind... with a view to beating geo-engineered climate disruption and attempts to repress the off-grid sustainability option. We will provide the links in our posts to assist you in joining the vital growing grass roots movement. Ethical, rational and sensible solutions to co-exist in harmony is our soul aim.

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