We will upload a video of the prototype once completed and advise the launch date

Tesla The Race To Zero Point Free Energy

Before you click on this video link (left) please read the message below…

We are not the only group trying to introduce Free Energy to humanity. We are going to succeed where others have up until now failed, for one simple reason. We are prepared to moderate need over greed, as such we have no intention of seeking a commercial patent – we are going to “open source” this technology to the world and use it. We will power our carbon zero residential development with an EnergyWell as a template for societal evolution. We want any and all of you grab it and use it for your needs. Whatever they may be.

The working principle of an EnergyWell is unique among the continuous motion devices but very simple to understand. If you clicked on the link Top 10 Perpetual motion machines for 2015  you will realise that all those machines harness gravity to make them work – and they do work – don’t they? As the inventor of the EnergyWell I have used a similar principle with some out-the-box thinking.

An Energy well has a meaningful advantage over those devices.

It has more than enough residual kinetic potential to drive a shaft with sufficient force to power a generator. That means electricity can be generated 24 hours a day, every day, anywhere on the planet.

As for the devices you will see in the video link (top left) provided above,  you may agree, some of them have real merit. Apart from offering Free Energy – there is another thing that links them all: Where are they today?!  Where are the inventors... Every one of them sought to convince the world of corporate industry and political power that their device was worth investing in… and/or sought a commercial patent. So where are these devices we so desperately need to stop our dependence on fossil fuels. The Harmony community team intends to investigate and showcase those that work. I can assure you an EnergyWell does work and we believe that the platform we can create around our device could do a lot for other alternative energy options.

It’s time for a reality check – for all of us!

The change is not going to come from the top down. The early effects of the climate crisis which we are experiencing today is warning we do not have time to waste – we need to act now. Even Obama, arguably the most powerful leader on the planet has had his first attempts to introduce emission targets to the US blocked by a weighted Republican Supreme court.

As for the scientific “establishment”, bankers, and corporate vested interests and the influence they have over the patents office, it looks like no one is going to endorse what they don’t want. Or, perhaps they are prepared to classify those patents and withhold them from you? In our view this is mindless idiocy. Without patents, investors do not invest in a meaningful manner and bring the products to market. More worrying… are the vested interests who presently have a corner on energy and power. Are they so concerned their empires will crumble, that they are ignoring, misinforming, buying up or simply blocking all and any option that threatens their corporate profits? I personally have little time for conspiracy theories… but where are the devices such as Taylor Wilson’s 2012 super efficient small nuclear reactor? I’m no fan of nuclear energy – if you realise how long it takes to decommission a reactor (50 – 60 years!) it’s clear just how dangerous the process is. The only solution I can see to safely dispose of nuclear ‘waste’ is to chuck off the planet, preferably towards the sun!


Wake up people. If we want a clean world, a viable world our children can enjoy we need to start using the new energy systems ourselves.

You will find the following statement used again and again on this site… because it is key to our success:-


We the people are going to have to fund these devices ourselves. We need to help the inventors develop them. We are going to need to use them on a daily basis – just like solar and wind. A grass roots revolution. Yes, lets start a movement! This site is an appeal for all of you with the common sense and vision to help launch a powerful new option.

As the inventor of the EnergyWell, I believe that some of the devices shown in the documentary above have serious potential. Joseph Newman’s Over-Unity generator, Troy Reed’s magnetic motor built into an electric car and more. Like you, I cannot say I fully understand how they all work (AT THIS TIME, and will apologise in an appropriately embarrassed manner if they turn out to be hoaxes). I also don’t fully understand how the computer on my desk works… I couldn’t program it either but I use it everyday. While I understand the principle of the combustion engine I could not build the car I drive, nor could you. This is the point. My device has the advantage of simplicity – anyone can understand it once the working system once exposed. And it will be exposed for all to use… We will extend an open invitation to skeptical organisations to freely investigate our claims. An EnergyWell’s working method creates no contradiction with established science.big_oil_we_ad

I know that there are enough people out there who will grab the opportunity to utilise clean energy, providing it is easy to reproduce, economically sensible and convenient.

So lets get on with it…

We will provide all the EnergyWell drawings, detailed instructions, specifications and every control system you will need to reproduce this device at a very modest price $5 – $10 each. A total investment of perhaps $100. If you are a contributor to our crowd funding appeal – the full details will be provided completely free on demand. Thank you.

There is nothing more convincing than success. We have nothing against Wind and Solar options but they have their limits and disadvantages. Lets add EnergyWells to the energy mix.

As far as getting acceptance of the EnergyWell device… The establishment, scientific or otherwise, once surrounded by effective working systems and devices will find themselves in a difficult situation, unable to keep denying the obvious. Energy generation other than Wind or Solar, without fossil fuels, that is both convenient and meaningful is possible and preferable. Lets us, the people enjoy the benefits. At the same time we have a chance to avoid a legacy of a crumbling civilisation brought by the inevitable consequences of global warming.

If you want the obvious benefits from carbon free energy – lets get the ball rolling. An Energywell is a viable electrical generating system. Lets add it to the wind and solar options. Engineered elements are the only thing holding up it’s release. Please fund our appeal.

Follow this link to our crowd funding appeal.