What on Earth is happening?

What on Earth is happening?

The incidents shown in this video are not isolated incidents (Link below): Birds falling out the sky. Fish and sea mammals, even molluscs beaching themselves? Earthquakes are becoming stronger and more numerous. Floods and Wildfires increasing. Extreme weather both Hot and Cold. Check-out the disturbing frequency of the dates in the video provided above… and keep in mind, the Main Stream Media is largely ignoring the peculiarity of these events.



Then we note:  A very real hi-tech drive towards Transhumanism! (link below) Science-based modern blood-vampirism – Elite longevity at the expense of the poor!?  A trend suggesting, we should Upload Human-Consciousness to survive! Or are we creating psychopathic (un-emotional and consciously disconnected) intelligent but emotionless Avatars on computers?! Is this convenient technological innovation or manipulation? Home TV and Smart surveillance… Artificial intelligence – who will benefit?! Convenience, safety and security versus CONTROL! Who is winning, who is losing? Are we asking ourselves the right questions??




IF… you are watching what is being published in the much unacknowledged world of technology, you may be aware of many things the general public is not? Very real attempts to manipulate weather by all the major nations. Some refer to it as a “conspiracy theory”, simply refusing to acknowledge the enormous weight of scientifically published information and tech-feedback reports on past and present climate “experimentation”. Those of you who are really following… have already realised that; atmospheric dusting, cloud-busting and Scalar wave / EMF Ionosphere heaters (H.A.A.R.P.) have been in use for decades! An unacknowledged process of weather interference is being implemented world-wide. When it is occasionally mentioned in Elite Scientific Conferences, mostly in International Government circles, it is either ignored by the main-stream media or positioned briefly as though it’s all at an experimental stage of development.

Clearly, it’s not. There are literally hundreds of installations established all over the world using all manner of technology to influence the weather… and our governments simply aren’t talking about it. Much of it is classified under the Military Industrial Complex, as such it is literally unlawful to mention it. The Chemtrails are however, becoming ridiculously obvious in many western nations and those they influence. In America and Europe especially, these ever increasing, non-dissipating airplane trails and white-out skies are being linked to measurably toxic fall-out! Heavy-metals are accumulating in our food and water! Groups are springing-up across US states and throughout Europe, to DEMAND transparency and halt the process. Legal cases are being under-taken across the world to petition answers and expose the cover-up.  Its real and anyone doubting it would be well-advised to visit www.geoengineeringwatch.com and check out the technologies and mountains of evidence.

The effects of hi-tech, largely unacknowledged technologies are a deep concern for those that are watching and aware. Nutritionists have already established without a shadow of a doubt our food is becoming increasingly unhealthy. Some estimates of nutritional values are as low as 23% of what they once were 30 – 40 years ago. Industrial farming methods are depleting the soil and starving the crops of nutrients and minerals much needed in our diet. The soil, crops and insect-life are suffering under the incredible amount of industrial pesticides, fungicides and herbicides being sprayed over mono-crop agriculture. The soil’s much needed micro-organisms are literally dying beneath our feet. Now farmers – using Big-Agri mono-crop methodologies – simply cannot produce a harvest if synthetic fertilisers and pesticides are not heavily used. It wasn’t always that way – sadly it is today! GMO’s, supposedly designed to feed the world with genetically modified harvests, combined with – Industrially toxic agriculture, is in fact, a disaster! The promises made elusive, unfulfilled. Insect life is being decimated, bee colonies are collapsing world-wide. Independent research clearly points to the main offenders.

Big-Agriculture and their cronies, Big-Chemical, spend millions (billions even) on an army of lobbyists world-wide seeking to suppress the information designed to warn the world of a truly toxic tragedy! The corporate-owned media unsurprisingly echoes the corporate narrative. It’s ALL safe – don’t worry – nothing to see here…! The impact on human health is growing every year. Glyphosate and other Round-Up ingredients are being proven to be extremely dangerous – Cancer causing. Many national environmental and food oversite watchdogs are ignoring the science and proving to be complicit with the international profit-hungry corporate suppression of information.

Whales are beaching themselves with increasing frequency worldwide. This pod – dozens of whales beached themselves in New Zealand in February 2017.

The general public watching only the main stream media is not aware just how serious the situation has become. To make matters worse; industrial farming methods and geo-engineering are not the only culprits… Yet another technological factor is raising its very ugly head!

We are living in a toxic soup of powerful Microwave energies that interfere with the human biome.

The effects of Wi-fi in our homes, smart meters and more importantly from myriads of Cell-phone towers is also being independently researched and proving to negatively affect all life. Legalisation is NOT providing over-sight on 4G or the massively over-engineered 5G microwave communications towers.

Over-engineered? Technicians working on these systems are reporting that in the event 5G is ever used to its full powerful potential… its EMF broadcast can easily bring people to their knees in a 300 – 500m radius! The question begs – Why? It hardly seems possible this potential can be attributed to a mere oversight? Independant research into human health issues as related to microwave communication is extremely worrying. Our governments are completely ignoring it. Our health, that of the insect world, the pollinators specifically and the natural world in general is being bombarded like never before. Safe-guards are NOT in place. Bees, birds and much natural life (our pollinators), dependant on subtle homing systems to navigate are struggling and failing. Added to this: Agricultural pesticides and heavy-metal fall-out from cloud dusting and atmospheric aerosol-spraying… and we have a recipe for an unmitigated disaster.

The media occasionally talks about pollinator issues but stubbornly pretends not to know why these die-offs are happening. On land and throughout the oceans, mankind’s modern footprint from drugs, antibiotics, pesticides, plastics, radiation and industrial chemicals is destroying the natural balance. We… all of us, are about to pay a heavy price for egregious greed and irresponsible capitalistic profiteering! Where is the leadership that is supposed to tackle these issues?

The United Nations Policies show clear support for it’s corporate paymasters

The UN overall policy suggests we cannot feed (or run) the world without these technologies. At the same time there are elements within the UN that preach against these same technologies – avoiding mentioning the worst protagonists. It’s a very confusing form of mixed-messaging. The theme of UN strategies/policies suggest these organisations and their damaging methods are essential to combat the impact of population growth under the guise of protecting “future generations”. The UN policy document Agenda for the 21st Century is encouraging nations to adopt its agendas. The regulations promoted are in direct conflict with the public warnings they freely hand out to the media. It’s as they are playing a public relations game with us all? A game called the Texas Two-Step, look here while we act in another way entirely behind the scenes. Meantime half the food we are in fact producing… is being thrown away due to profit protectionist policies and the poor logistics directly related to centralised over-production. Much of the industrial crop goes to producing toxic snack and processed fast-food. Do we need it? A meaningful percentage of the GMO crop goes to feeding the meat industry. Profit rules the day – while health and environmental issues are ignored. Is destroying the environment and cosying up to the greatest profit-gouging offenders going to solve anything? Unlikely isn’t it?

Long term sustainability (beyond the next ten years or so) requires a serious re-think! Sane and sensible policy-making is NOT being implemented. If not now, when?!

A grass-roots revolution?

It would seem those wishing for a mindful and conscious approach to policy and regulation there will need to be a grass-roots people-revolution. The people need to undertake alternative measures to try and combat the health we are right-now experiencing. Unfortunately that will not stop the massive and environmental damage being perpetrated. The events revealed in the videos above… are not without cause. They are not a mystery or peculiar if… the obvious causations are acknowledged. We are, with our technology and financial system quite literally killing ourselves and our planet’s web-of-life… While pollution is a major contributor to the situation on land, sea and air it is ONLY PART OF THE PROBLEM. The MACHINE-WORLD corporate-funded scientists are attempting to monetise, trans-humanise and industrially re-engineer EVERYTHING for profit! At some point we have to demand a halt. Sadly, not enough people are yet aware of what is really going on. Nor are they recognising how the one causation is feeding the profit-principle and business models of the financially entangled corporate/government juggernaut.

Big-Pharma is reaping a harvest of dismay from modern disease and disorders. So much so, It is become increasingly more difficult not to suspect a grand collusion of agendas.  None of the big corporates, be it in health, agriculture or the toxic chemical and technology arenas are going to admit the contributions they are individually making to our increasingly noxious environment. They are all profiting from the activity of each-others efforts. National governments argue that economies would collapse without these industrial technology giants… and yet, the alternatives to “business-as-usual” offer employment on a far greater scale? These corporations plow-on, seemingly untouchable. The marketeers will shout; that without these hi-tech innovations in farming and communication … our world, as we know it will simply fall apart. In some respects that may be true… but at what point do we stop, think and say enough? What benefit to feed the world, only to watch all suffer from ill-health, lethal ailments, die at an early age and watch our environment collapse?

Can We-The-People start creating, living and offering an alternative to the highly dubious “solutions” being offered at the highest level.

We surely need to. As the super-wealthy manipulate government and its institutions an ever-greater burden is being placed on the tax payer! Can people rely on funding from the public purse to empower creative initiatives and social-benefit safety nets. Not likely. The social benefits system is under continual attack by what passes as leadership. But there’s always enough money for weapons and industrial/corporate subsidies supporting the very industries that are causing the problems. It is all too easy to predict it will leave those who need the social-safety-net unsupported, unprotected and destined to fail. The inequality factor – is growing. The “people’s contract with government”, our societal progress made during the industrial revolution is being eradicated. When the banks and business needed our labour – they were prepared to pay for it. No longer – automation, smart technology and robotics is quickly undermining the human-labour principle. Incomes are being lost daily – independence threatened! As machine science advances – the rich take advantage of their ability to buy clean food, live a largely unpolluted life in luxury… and use advanced technologies to greatly increase their longevity! It is a Vampire mentality with the rich literally feeding off the rest of humanity.

Pen-ultimately the rich will be able to adapt and use sustainable methods FOR THEMSELVES. They would be fools not to… History suggests; the elitist class, largely the policy decision-makers, are highly unlikely to change the strategies that empower their profitable business models. Why would they? Leaving the people at large in a terrible survival position. Eventually the gap between rich and poor is likely to leave most gasping for breath, desperate for decent food and effective health-care. It’s a scenario that should be of great concern to everyone who is not a financial member of the world’s wealthiest top-five percent.

Many will say its pitch-fork time! Even some elites are warning about a serious push-back from the disenfranchised – quite possibly at many levels of society. Unfortunately, our ever-growing militarised policing, surveillance, government expenditure on weapons and the military is well positioned to suppress that kind of revolt today. While we have little doubt, some will choose action of that nature, the outcome is predictable.  “Protest” will framed out of context of the true cause by the corporate-owned media… protest messages will confused – deliberately obfuscated (See Wall Street protest). Dramatic protest is likely to be thoroughly and effectively suppressed (Think Keystone oil pipeline)! Probably under the label of eco-terrorism – or selective headlines – “health nuts go wild”! How many are aware; environmental activists are now called commonly labelled eco-terrorists? That they are statistically more likely to die than police. Naturalist doctors and medical Scientists researching and offering alternative remedies to Big-Pharma’s allopathic systems are dying in their droves… from “Suicide” we are told! A lot of these deaths are extremely suspicious. Americans are hoarding guns… waiting for their government to come and impose the next phase of tyranny. How much good that will do them if (when) the time comes, is debateable.

The real revolution this site’s founders propose:

Is one of showcasing the alternative… proving just how easily – we the people – could live, survive in style and THRIVE! How?

A grass roots revolution based on SHARING THE BENEFITS of an alternative lifestyle

What is a Harmony Community? Why will it work for many far beyond the residents it directly empowers? It works by creating an essential template for change. By establishing and living a grass-roots financial and eco-sustainable alternative to the rat-race society. Fashioning and sharing the successful implementation of it’s self-sufficient communities; Those… seeking

  • Real family – SUPPORTIVE – values… utilising sane and ethical leadership philosophies, training and education.
  • Building communities around best-practice eco-sustainable principles and technology respectful of the web of life.
  • Showing how we can decentralise and recreate new societal organic-structures using natures nurturing principles – bio-mimicry!
  • Using business-methodologies that ensure abundance, empower entrepreneurs while respecting the environment. No one left behind!
  • Implementing proven alternative energy systems that empower ALL… to SURVIVE IN STYLE!

Creating a template that be adopted, adapted and shared.

An alternative lifestyle project forms the base initiative for a


The (dawn of a) New Beginning Membership Platform we are in the process of creating has however far greater scope than the initial intentional community…

While the planned community will strongly support an off-grid, off-system approach… we in no way wish to disengage from society. Rather we want to SHARE. Undertaking a well-advertised, well documented promotion across an international media stage. Allowing others to ADOPT, ADAPT and FOLLOW our success and challenges. Viva la diversity! Many solutions enacted with creative and innovative intent. What we are proposing is no impractical “beans and rice hippy commune…”

We suspect it may well be the most advanced sustainable-community system undertaken ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! A truly holistic lifestyle alternative.

Our followers are invited to watch AND JOIN IN. How?

Join the international “New Beginnings” membership platform. First, let us be clear… while we do invite contributions from angel-funders – those who clearly see the writing on the wall, who have the means to support… and recognise we urgently need to create and implement a sustainable-alternative. Beyond that…

A principle of Fair-Exchange is core to our community philosophy.

This will become immediately apparent to anyone viewing our member-funding initiatives. We strongly recommend anyone who, wants to be a part of this RESET PIONEERING EFFORT; follow on the site; https//www.dawnofanewbeginning.com or link from theharmonycommunity website.

The “New Beginning” membership platform specifically, will let YOU in on a unique funding endeavour… Funds YOU can use!


If you and your friends – your “like-thinking network” – are able to commit to just 20 – 30  minutes a week to making a difference – you will benefit from our offer! Its probably less time than you might spend on social media in the normal course of events.

This is not the place to explain in detail – LAUNCH DATE WILL BE ADVISED – click on the link and discover just how easy we have made it for you get involved. How easy it is for YOU to be financially rewarded just for being YOU! We have a secret we want to share with you – and YOU WILL BE EMPOWERED to help transform our world. A world is thinking… and the people DO have solutions – we are inviting you to join us. We are inviting you to Live Your Dreams!

If you’d like to see a brief primer of what we are up to… before visiting the website, click here now.


The Harmony Community initiative: You will find many different subject matters in our posts. Some of them seemingly unrelated to a highly advanced, best practice, off-grid sustainable lifestyle. Why do the founding members of an ethical “intentional” community, in the process of creating a financially and environmentally sustainable organically cellular-society… comment on these issues? Issues troubling sane and responsible citizens? Well, for exactly that reason! We believe a growing number of people worldwide are becoming very concerned as to where the greater society of mankind is headed. We are also very aware that many, if not most, are going to be left behind. Keep in mind, less than half the people of the world have any meaningful access to the internet. Much of what is happening many remain simply unaware of. The gap between the educated and uneducated (or disconnected) is growing exponentially. Few will be able to afford the “hi-tech” solutions the wealthy may enjoy and employment is getter harder to find (and keep) for EVERYONE! Main-stream media is locked in a repetitive cycle of “click-bait news” – much of it manufactured, fear-mongering and completely irrelevant to the issues we should be watching like hawks! We at THC are simply adding our voice to the citizen-relevant news platforms. We hope it creates all call to action – which The Harmony Community Project and New Beginnings Platform is seeking to encourage and empower.


Author – Brief Bio:  Steve Wilkins is a founding member of The Harmony Community Project. Team and Project leader of DawnofaNewBeginning membership platform. An artist, designer, developer, turning author and blogger, he has been involved in many levels of business communication and strategic marketing. His love for children’s educational material has seen him engaged in Children’s Publishing and Television. A deep-interest in Eco-Architecture and Residential development finds him, drawn to be a driving force behind this alternative lifestyle project. Design and innovation are core to his philosophy – that problems are merely solutions looking for a place to happen!  It will quickly become apparent to his readers that Steven’s commitment to sincere spiritual values guides both his pen and design tools.

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