Redefining “Consumerism” and “Capitalism”.

Redefining “Consumerism” and “Capitalism”.

Anyone who has attempted to understand modern economics knows… that “Capitalism” and what masquerades under that title today, is actually a reversed engineered form of socialism.  A plutocratic rape and pillage of the people, it’s modern mechanisms are designed to asset strip what the middle and lower classes like to think they own. The Free Market is dead. Based on debt, the present ponzi-scheme of international banking is achieving exactly what it was designed to do – create debt and lend on its existence! A Debt Model; no one can afford to pay back*[1].


What pray ask has consumerism got to do with the state of the world economy?

Everything, consumerism is, in fact, one of only two ways in which ‘the people” interact with the banker’s and plutocrats hegemony of financial affairs. The other of course, being our labour. The people are the consumers buying the products… albeit at the base of the financial pyramid and the Oligarchs and Plutocrats would have you believe they produce. They don’t actually produce anything …do they?

We do – the consumers. The Bankers, their installed Government Autocrats, the Plutocrats and Oligarchs simply control the funding, the production line, the distributing logistics and the retail outlets of international and national importance. These autocrats and profiteers insist that if we… are to have the pleasure of participating in the economic model they have created; we are to be licensed, taxed in every aspect of our activity and our contributions to the economy. An economy only they really benefit from… Right down to paying for the pleasure of dying. We must even pay for the right to educate our children so they become useful idiots within the corporate paradigm of profit creation and “economic growth”.  Gross Domestic Product or GDP – An economic calculation based predominantly on debt and a very duplicitous set of statistics that serves only Wall Street greed.

That’s why it is often said that humanity must be the only species required to pay to live on its own planet.  And it would seem they are not managing this economic model they have created very well… 😀

Or are they… perhaps their plan is not actually what they are telling the people. Perhaps ‘they’ have a hidden agenda? I mean they certainly didn’t tell the people up-front how this was going to pan out – did they? Aaah you say … its all just mismanagement – the result of unforeseen circumstances. Let us take a closer look at that assumption:

This Kensian model of Global and National Economics, running since the sixties (and no I’m not going to get technical here) is based on irrational and overly simplistic assumptions.  The sane thinkers in economics have been exposing this fact for years… and the results being deliberately ignored.  An excellent website unpacking this thinking is homosociologicus.  This is, assuming you aren’t satisfied with watching a few episodes of the Max Kaiser Report on RT. (Russia Today)

The bankers; who one suspects are not fools, nonetheless, continue to roll out “austerity programs” they actually admit themselves – don’t work!?! All the while, they are duplicity “selling” the world on a policy of “capital injection” called Quantitative Easing. This requires nations and Corporations who want access to this new money to create “bonds” which the bankers “buy” with er… money that is created out of thin air. Effectively everything a nation owns i.e. the sum of its people, is sneakily being monetized. Everything except perhaps the air we breathe and there are those that would argue that too – via carbon tax. They then resell these bonds through their pet project the Stock Market over and over to their elite cronies… the Plutocrats, in the form of debt derivatives.



One of these days the wider compliment of mankind will wake up to find they own nothing. That the globalist hegemony of money and technocratic power not only owns everything you ever borrowed money to buy – has redistributed all assets in such a way that the society of man – is entirely dependent on the state these plutocrats have created. The “Living Wage” is likely to be a part of that process. It can be argued this process is all but complete, if national debt is any indicator of the state of the world economy. You think this is bad – wait until you find out what they have in mind… for all of us!



Labour is presently very focused on assisting only those who are part of a specific union. Gains made affect only the few. It is easy to observe that within union-active-industries, labour is actually losing ground – wages are stagnant – whereas prices are not. In the corporate world and especially the developing world as a whole, UNIONISM is a non-starter. The few genuinely socialist styled governments that still exist are under enormous pressure from hegemonic corps and allied governments seeking to break there efforts and economies with economic hit men using the faithful tactics of political upheaval, bribery and corruption. Our First-World “consumerism” is a corner stone of the system that is building their mansions… while they asset strip the people. The warnings are everywhere. The present financial governing structures are not building infrastructure or applying legislation that benefits the people – it is ignoring its obligations and has chosen rather to support massive wealth accumulation for a few individuals and corporations. These corporations and their bankers, the individuals that run them and profit from them, share their wealth – ONLY with those who will perpetuate the scheme.

In a rational society:

  • Governments are supposed to build infrastructure and restrain the excesses of the few to benefit the many.
  • Bankers are supposed to be a convenient outlet to distribute funding and provide a simple mechanism for trade – the exchange of money…
  • Corporations are supposed to make profits for their investors… Ooops, perhaps that’s where it’s all going wrong? We the people are not their investors – not really. Or are we…

As can be seen, all three pillars Government, Banking and Corporations have become single minded in the profiteering principle. There’s a lot talk about free trade and a lot of policy being enacted by both the banks and government which is anything but. As we have already established, this is not a process of mismanagement – it is a deliberate collusion of these pillars of trade, financial and legislative power.  The social contract between government and its people has literally fallen to pieces.  The naively presumed, ethical contract between the people and the bankers… required the bankers NOT to engage in power plays or support corporate rape… It has been grossly abused.  No one in their right mind ever expected corporations to do anything but grab profit every which way they can.  Why is it so difficult for the average consumer to realize that the massive collusion of corruption that has formed between these there pillars of power is out of control. It amounts to a conspiracy of Juggernaut proportions. Why are we not fighting back?


It would seem we are being rather silly as consumers to continue to support their system of “buying and selling” and domination of the labour market.  The traditional method in which the people interacted with its natural plutocratic enemy was to withhold its labour. Unsurprisingly corporations have rallied government to assist with destroying that approach… Strikes, now have be permitted, a licensed event! Which, if you think about it, for more than a second, is actually laughable.  Since when has revolt ever been a negotiated event? The two ideas are diametrically opposed and yet… that’s where we are.

Government is supposed to provide a buffer so that protest, the softer form of revolt, didn’t become violent. In some respects it still does – at least on the streets. The overt militarization of its policing forces plays however a very intimidating role. Even if it refrains from outright suppression initially – Protest long enough – and violent government suppression will surely follow. Worse the government is continually legalizing what, the people if they knew, would consider corporate rape… Even worse those watching recognize that Plutocrats exist which deliberately finance “colour protest” so that the Police have to step in. Government knows this but fails to stop it.

Expecting government to do an about turn and take-on the corps and their bankers (or is it in fact, the bankers and their corporations…) is naive. EXTREMELY NAÏVE because clearly… they have no intention of taking on those that pay for their elitist lifestyles and determine if they remain in power. The money in government has overwhelmed the principle of democracy. The corporations have made it their business with the support of the bankers to ensure democracy has become a process of selection rather than election.


A massive one… and yet it is virtually being ignored!  Desperate times call for serious measures.  How many of YOU have truly considered just how powerful the role of consumer boycott can be…

Yes there are pros and cons… Lets take a look at the possibilities.

First: WHAT EXACTLY are we trying to achieve?

  • WE the people need to reset the social contract between government and the people
  • WE know the government and all it’s institutions of societal management are the under the financial spell of the conspiratorial empire/s of corporations and banking
  • WE know that much, if not all of what they are “selling” is downright toxic in one form or another
  • WE should know by now, the collusion is a juggernaut with an irresistible forward motion. And is, In fact, accelerating…
  • WE know, that not only is an emergency brake sorely needed… the fuel powering the engine needs to be cut off urgently!


Our consumerism is that fuel! We need to stop shoveling the fuel into the engine and as consumers we need to acknowledge the situation is beyond urgent. The train – this juggernaut is heading towards a station which is about to unload its cargo – US – at a station we want no part of.


The simple answer – is everything sold by corporations and their banking associates. The biggest issue most struggle with is inconvenience, which immediately raises some complex problems. How?

Again the simple answer is self-reliance, self sustainability; a movement wherein the people realize there are other ways of buying and “voting” with our pennies. It has to start with food but there are many avenues that allow us to spend our pennies wisely.

Some of our food purchase options include:-

  • Buying local: Use the internet… Support your local farmer’s market where you can interact with the seller and demand that your purchase is free from GMO’s, and preferably completely organic. The market forces of consumer preference will motivate more production and more resellers. The argument that puts the cart before the horse – suggesting we do not have enough access to these products – so we won’t bother to try is self defeating. A little inconvenience compared with the awful consequences of continuing to support the corporate system is irresponsible in the extreme. AVOID the snacks… they are full of Monsanto poisons, save some money!
  • Demand what you want: Insist wherever you buy, even in your local supermarket, you WANT LABELING that identifies GMO product and organic foodstuffs. Food unsullied by industrial pesticides.  Place products you don’t trust on the managers or information desk stating you are not prepared to buy this item until you are assured it’s not a health risk. Be polite but be determined.
  • Grow your own: Its fun, its cheaper and MUCH healthier, its not as hard as you think… if you can grow flowers and lawn you can grow food.


How much of this gentle activism do you think the average store owner will put up with before seeking cleaner, healthier options? Options; which will inevitably create opportunities for smaller farmers – Mom and Pop Farmers, who are, under constant threat of being absorbed into the industrial machine*[2] of big-agriculture. The demand will ripple up the chain of supply with inevitable consequences.

Your pennies are powerful – take back your power.

Convenience is being used as a tool against you. It is in fact killing you and has, effectively enslaved you. There are many social issues that can be addressed at the same time as reducing the fuel that is empowering the corporate juggernaut.

  • Grow your own food: Not always easy, but even the little you can grow subject to space and time, will ensure you are getting nutrients no longer provided in the supermarket product. Don’t underestimate the vital health benefits of those nutrients. Herbal & Vitamin supplements are both expensive and in many cases, produced by the same corps that are poisoning your food through industrialized agriculture. Buyer beware.
  • Create networks with friends to swop food: Your excess is valuable. Social media is a great tool to achieve sharing – it can be fun, a chance to meet new people… people who care like you? Swop notes – have a coffee.
  • Get your hands dirty, have some fun and grab the cash: Remember growing food – the basics of agriculture was what made civilization possible in the first place. A small attempt may take15 minutes a day to maintain and you get to connect to nature and watch with pride the benefits of your harvest. Teach your kids – fruit is a wonderful first effort. Think berries, tomatoes, HERBS, beets, potatoe and salad produce – all easy to grow. Great for bees! All the info you need is on the internet. Get digging.
  • Use social media to promote this message: Demand farmers adapt to the market demands and show them that if they can find ways to get a WIDE VARIETY OF PRODUCTS to market you will be happy to support them. Home growers with considerable excess, can bottle, can and create pickled and fermented food products. High value product – with great health benefits!
  • Farmers and social media: Create an event, charge ‘em and give ‘em a ticket and let them pick. Have a picnic – give em a flyer, create new market places by the bus load and save on harvest labour. Think small – think big – these are not new ideas.
  • Use the Crypto-currency block-chain to create networks and swop “value”. You can’t tax activity where no real money is involved… yet! While crypto-currency has an ascribed value it is not, as yet, really defined as money in the same way as “official” currency. The block-chain and social media are natural allies. Local trading can become very easy and quick – with transactions confirmed within seconds and no middleman banking fees. Returning that value to cash is another issue we can deal with later, see links provided – its becoming easier every day. Farmers specifically should take note and begin to investigate the power of the block-chain and potential of crypto-currency and innovative value swaps.
  • Food banks and homeless assistance: If you can afford it – give it away. If not to those on the street, start with family. Tell ’em to bring a basket or bag and come pick… what about your neighbors? Form some networks by extending the hand of friendship.  You may find the few bucks you give-away will reap a much bigger reward down the line. Pay-it-forward.
  • All efforts start small – at home. What about cleaning materials?

Again, use the internet, 10 minutes research will get you at least 3 options. Ask them in an email why their product is less toxic than what is on the supermarket shelf?  Is it as effective? If not – how does the price value compare? Yes our homes need to be clean – but the guru’s of advertising have deceived consumers into believing we are supposed to live in a sterile environment. Rubbish – many well researched articles are appearing pointing out this obsession with sterility is causing more problems for children especially than it is solving. Clean yes – obsessive no.




[1] Even this model of debt creation might be repayable for the bigger nations – IF… half their GDP was not be spent on a worldwide arms race. For the smaller nations and the disenfranchised “developing economies” it is impossible – for as long as they are suffering under a rigged game of corporations, bribing and blackmailing their leaders into handing over the nation’s coffers and resources long before the people ever get a chance to get their hands on it.

[2] Smaller farmers are disappearing at an alarming rate. Only smaller farmers will undertake permaculture, hydroponics and the vertical farming methodologies which are proving to be far healthier, ecologically sustainable and have the potential to dis-connect the farmer from the Co-operative hegemony designed into the industrial agriculture machine. A machine; which is destroying the family farmer being forced to plant the GMO product… GMOS’s that require the use of prodigious quantities of water, Monsanto pesticides – Toxic unsustainable food production. The major problem for farmers attempting to adapt to market-demand is getting their produce to market for resale. The existing logistics and re seller programs based on mono-crop industrial style / mono-crop agriculture do not at this time support multi-crop production. It is a deliberate corporate self serving tactic.

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