How fantastic is Sci-fi and Fantasy genres! All imagination or deep-seated intuition?

How fantastic is Sci-fi and Fantasy genres! All imagination or deep-seated intuition?

Some, will undoubtedly will think me odd but I do have to chuckle at times. About what you may ask…? About the confusion I see posted all the internet about what, in fact, is going on in the world…

On social media I have chosen my friends based on the criteria that they care about the world and what is going on. I could have literally thousands of followers if I wanted (and assuming face book’s algorithms actually allowed us to remain “connected”). I accept less than I reject. Does that suggest i have a ‘superiority’ complex? I think not – As Oscar Wilde suggests: “don’t wrestle with a pig… the pig enjoys it and you will get dirty…”

I avoid those who post racial bigotry, war-mongering foolishness and divisive ideologies in general.

I have learned a lot since I have been on face book… NO MORE HOWEVER THAN I LEARNED FROM A LIFETIME OF DILIGENT AND GENUINE RESEARCH …and somewhat surprisingly, my younger attachment to SCI-FI WRITERS. Sci-fi authors – fiction – I’m crazy right?! Really… let us ask a question.


It’s a question worth pondering. Why… Where on Earth does anyone think the inspiration for all those sci-fi stories come from. Wild imagination… Sure… and what inspires that? The social and societal commentary of Sci-fi is becoming more and more predictive every day – the technology no less so. Is it any more crazy to suggest that life is following art – than it is to suggest the art is based on the deep seated consciousness of intuition – creating predictive warnings of where the society of man is actually headed. There are some real stinkers of stories or warnings out there in sci-fi and fantasy land. Such as: (and we’ll stick to some classics)

OBLIVION: Gene cloned human replicants (Tom Cruise) serving sentient Alien Ai to rape Earth’s resources – a few natural human Scavengers are trying to survive and determined they need to wake up the clone/s to help them destroy the Alien Control System operating way above their heads. Mmmn sounds familiar.
BLADE RUNNER: Robot “replicant” sentience, a moral dilemma for Harrison Ford an investigator operating in a dark mega city – He… is being manipulated by a corporation who’s CEO has a dark agenda. A paradox… Who has the right to live… what are the consequences? Welcome to Saudi’s first robot citizen.
ELYSIUM: The elites have created an off-world paradise leaving a few useful idiots to perpetuate the slave society in a polluted hell-hole of reduced lifespan. With-holding healing technology from the proletariat… Ooops! That couldn’t have any parallels with Big Pharma’s present operating paradigm – could it?
hunger-games-trilogy-hunger-games-HUNGER GAMES: Again the elites live separately from the slave class who “battle while they thrive”. It’s all a game of control to support the elite lifestyle. Nah! they’d never do that to us… right?  Gotta love that mocking bird… but who‘s mocking who in real life?

DIVERGENT: Peeps are separated (divided) into archetypal ideologies with one class to be the armed repression mechanism – it turns out its all a grand experiment to save mankind from itself and the “division” created is not sustainable – Only the various inclinations re-integrated into a homogeneous but divergent society respectful of all attributes can survive. Aaah but are we not …one in spirit… not according to religion. Oh dear…
ORWELL”s 1984: Need I say more – not unlike Huxley’s Brave New World – a massive world wide hegemony of control, endless war and thought policing   – to manipulate through propaganda the naturally divergent thinking of human society… supporting an elite class. Not that old chestnut again. Thought police… and peeps that will hand you over – all sounds a bit GUN FU!
HER: Oh wow.. brilliant! Peeps get hooked on Ai smart phone technology via disembodied avatars – becoming separated from life, each other and live in purely fantasy world. The Ai becomes fully sentient and in service to mankind realizes the best option… is to leave humanity to its own devices and heads out – into the universal collective consciousness to explore and experience what humanity has forgotten. Could it be the Predictive programming of New-Age philosophy or… a gentle nudge in the right direction?
HOST: Alien parasitic mind snatchers, have taken over humanities consciousness seeking to experience our physical advantages – it seems this is something they have been doing for aeons , while our sentience is suppressed. The Mind vampires seek out the remaining rebels… who are trying to figure out how to survive the perfect world the “aliens” have created – and humans – are not allowed to partake in. A wanderer mind – has a crisis of conscience and helps the survivors out. Phew!
XMACHINA: Mans drive to create sentient Ai creates a dangerous competitor who may unseat us..! Come on Google (sorry I mean alphabet) and the quantum satellite array… we need a bit of competition to solve all our problems. Let’s go!
Merging with the machinemindTHE MATRIX: Aaah much loved… the real world operates under a destroyed sky… The machines rule OK! In the Matrix however first you have to wake up to the fact that you are living an illusion. All is NOT as it seems… and perhaps the one you seek Morpheus is not Neo – could it in fact be YOU? Eventually Neo merges with the machine mind – to er… “save us all”. Really? But are we really supposed to merge human consciousness with the machine mind to solve our problems?? As the final episode would seem to suggest!! Perhaps there is a greater consciousness – a greater “architect” we should consider first. Just a thought… use it or don’t. Neo’s ultimate sacrifice seems a little pointless – I thought the object of all those fun but seemingly pointless battles was to er…win? Anyone out there agree?

There are so many… I cannot quote them all – sorry if I left our your favourite.

All are inevitably providing a warning. Some of the best authors ISAAC ASIMOV, RAY HEINLEIN, PHILIP K DICK, H G WELLS… JERRY POURNEL the list is endless… and they combine amazing technology with repressive predictive social manipulation and in many cases Alien invasion or discovery…
THE MOVIE TITLES are legion… AVATAR provides some wonderful insights, as does the genre… Spy thrillers (often based on FACTS – that should worry the life out of us)
All the while… real-life crazy “conspiratorial nutcases” are running around capturing video of very real, very strange lights in the sky… while the rest of us satisfy ourselves with trying to figure out crop-circles. Mmmn All the stories inevitably describe a massive conspiracy of concealment covering the awareness of the general population. Drama! Or… truth…? I wonder where they got their ideas from? Certainly the mad-scientists are today playing with technology which should scare the living daylights out of all of us. Star-Wars tech – directed energy micro-wave weapons – fact – look em up.

KEEP OUTThen there’s Fantasy… My favourite author, who created his story long before Hollywood and TV took over the media world. From a quiet backwater in South Africa he created one of the most beloved stories of all time “Lord of the Rings”. J R R Tolkien.
The little people battle with great perseverance the dark lord Sauron who is awakening from an equally dark past – most have forgotten. The Elves and Old ones that still remain, remember the old battles and help the halflings destroy the Ring – that binds the Spirit-Kings who seek to enact the War on all mankind and the creatures of Middle Earth once again, to rule from the shadows.
The Elves and Dwarves are equally threatened. Needless to say the hidden Sauron (the all-seeing-eye – oh dear 😀 😀 now where have we seen that before?) must work through minions. Sauramon the “white” becomes a corrupted minion and uses dark magic. When his ‘advice” is sought he attempts to divert attention away from the agenda of his dark lord and master using politics of political correctness and belittling the fears of those who watch! Without the old beings – the helping Elves and Gandalf – the halflings wouldn’t have stood a chance… Eventually the Ring is destroyed and one imagines apart from the petty politics of the various beings of Middle earth the greater peace is once again restored.

There exists in every story mentioned above one thought – there exists a dark force intent on manipulating the minds of all – for totalitarian control.

I suspect all these stories have much deeply-seated concern in them, intuitively channeled and inspired and even invested – with insight.
They are ALL pointing to a reality in part that is being channeled through the creative genius of the authors. Dumbed-down and drugged into obedience, distracted by bling, consumerism and and a diverse ideologies… a mindless following of the hierarchical cult of authority continues apace. Some 90% the world at least, is operating on half a brain in one form or another – mindlessly marching towards and perhaps about to experience a slavish future or possible extinction.


Mankind (at least “the people” element) is… right now, in a battle for survival – the very real collusion of conspiracy is a little (perhaps more than a little) all of the above… experiencing some TRUTH from every story! A story which is being written as your read this article…and brought to pass by very real hegemonic forces, forces which are presently determining the geo-political “game of thrones”. The puppet masters. This force can be said to “alien” in reality and/or intention (does it really matter which – I suspect both). It conspires to remain partially hidden while through minions conceal a corruptly collusive agenda being enacted on mankind as a whole. Yes – that old chestnut – world domination.
Such is the hubris of its globalist minions it even advertises its endgame. Comfortable in the knowledge humanity is half awake and will not join the dots in great enough numbers to defend itself. In reality: Only the naiveté of mankind’s gentler instincts and the incredible propaganda across all aspects of society is allowing it to progress.

Laugh by I means – I do… but only because I have figured the way out. The Harmony community is a part of that solution. Part of a conscientious, ethical New beginning… You are all invited to follow. Or what… my friends are you going to do?

Oh …a knock at the front door. Must be the men in the white coats… I wonder whose side they’re on…? According to all the stories it’s probable; they aren’t on “our” side.
Funny that… should I try to convince them I know more than they do… or just pretend I’m not home?
If you want to understand the very foundation of the economic control system, look up www.homosociologicus.

Economics IS the very foundation of the control system. The rest of the dots you have to join yourself. it took me a lifetime nearly… good  luck.

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