Change Economics and the SUM of us. Does it represent an opportunity?

Change Economics and the SUM of us. Does it represent an opportunity?

There are – right now, two massive changes happening in the economic world – the world of money. It can easily be seen that the Petro-dollar is dying.

The first major transition:

Nation factions in the East are creating a Yuan (CHINA) Gold backed currency transitioning away from the dollar ponzi-scheme of the Western Globalist bankers. It is a done deal – the SDR international trading currency is already in operation… and I suspect it is operating (in part) on a form of the block-chain. It may seem… like a good thing.
Well here’s a heads up – the gold backed currency game is rigged. Surprise surprise. In fact its laughable that many cannot see that it was the system of gold backed capitalism which birthed the ponzi-scheme of fiat money…and allowed it  to come into being in the first place. I’m surprised that many cannot see the writing on the wall. While everyone are Rah Rah Rah-ing a return to a currency backed by gold – they should note that Central Bankers seem unfazed by this event. Surprised..? I’m not. So where’s it all going?

Economic Control System Phase III.

What really runs the banking ponzi-scheme at international level… are just as much behind this transition as they always were. The western banking faction, at purely the “national” level of the pyramid of control – and at the behest of their international Zionist masters – are going to engineer in a very controlled fashion the collapse of what is left of the western economy. Think the 2008 credit crunch on steroids. Its already in action – there have been four crashes in the last 30 years. This one as it plays out is going to be a biggie.

The victims… are to be the west’s middle classes – whats left of them. Further emphasizing the gap between the disgustingly rich and the chronically poor with very little in-between. Pensions and traditional Investment options will be destroyed – its already happening. Most of those working their butts off on the hamster-wheel are going to find they cannot keep up. There will of course be those who increase their wealth – those who are perfect for the system that rapes it’s neighbors in blind and greedy survival mode. Those who can turn a blind eye to the disenfranchisement of family and friends. Who are so desperate to maintain themselves, they will trundle along quietly reaping the benefits of their education or networks providing they are prepared to be a bit “nasty” to achieve it …or turn a blind eye to those prepared to be nasty. In the process labour and employment institutions and values will be decimated.
Democracy is already a farce – what will it look like when things get tough? Look around… their are many nations whose local elites are raping and pillaging their peoples/nations resources …trying desperately to climb the elite ladder. They see the trend and is probably why they sought positions of power – they’re called politicians. South Africa is a breeding ground for them.

To those sitting comfortable – at present – I will point out that unless you have sufficient clout to move immediately over to this Gold-backed Yuan scheme – you’re out the the game. Will the Forbes 500 be affected ? Not really, corporations are international these days… they simply merge wherever the money flows – and they are the essential minions of the Banksters. Subject to how well connected (read usefulness) corporate stock will rise somewhat or fall respectively as the big investors manipulate their corners and holdings to suit themselves. There will be victims however – and it will always be those who sit on the fringes of the stock market – being individual investors – the little guy. You don’t need to be a stock-market wizard to see the basics at work.It could be argued that to simply hold your gilts and blues will the safest option but whether you will be able to is another story. National debt manipulated in the fashion of what has been done to Greece is the main event. The elites of Greece didn’t lose much – but the people certainly did. Yanis Varoufakis – the ex-Greek minister of finance has much to say on the subject of the Troika of financial empires that forced Greece to accept it’s absurd weapon of financial mass destruction known as “Austerity”.

A great crying in the western world will ensue… it has in fact already started – the game has been playing out for some thirty years and will be completed soon. Somewhere between 2018 and 2022. The engineered collapse of western currencies will then become quite dramatic – working its way from nation to nation up to 2030 -remember that date it’s important.

There are many who are concerned that this ENIGMA is another control system – the much vaunted digital cashless society of ultimate control.    It is, or least it could be… IF… we let it happen!
Regardless of who or what created Cryto-currency and the Block-Chain… it is about to change our world… just like the internet foundation it has been built on. Even more so… because MONEY is the energy that runs this world at this time…argue this if you will – its pointless. Money is the very foundation of the control system… and ripples are now moving through the system. I suggest and I am backed by by some very good thinkers that ACC (alternative crypto-currency) is in fact the digital currency the New World Order has been working towards… it fits perfectly but – and its a big but… a but of Khardashian proportions in fact. It is aligned with the UN Agenda 2030 deadline – over the next few years as the transition strategy plays out fortunes will be made on the crypto – Block Chain platform and lost on the dollar collapse.

Money – all of it – is merely a form of energy – the world economy amounting to the SUM of all human effort. The SUM – quite literally of us. Energy is not factional – it does not choose sides… Energy used wisely and for good purpose is a good thing – needless to say the opposite is equally true. Those with insight have already got in – and are making themselves “rich”. I ask you sincerely… Why aren’t you? Is it confusion… paranoia… waiting for everyone else, so you can be last (once again)?
Did you know that options exist to get into crypto-currency with just a few pennies? Did you know…. that there is a movement going on right now that is endeavoring to ensure that at least a part of the crypto-currencies massive inflationary rise in value can and will be put to good use? That the energy of its rise can be made to work for the people as opposed to against. By those among us who see the light – so to speak.

Trust me – I am just as wary as you are…

But – rarely has an opportunity presented itself for some of humanity to take back its power from the controllers. The Banksters are presented with a problem – if they all invest now – crypto will rise like a warp-engined light ship while the ponzi-scheme fiat currency system collapses at an equal rate. Ooops!
If they don’t – they will get left out… double Ooops!
So the likes of Rchard Branson and (our favourite eugenicist: Bill Gates) are climbing in. Neither of them are silly investors. Many of the big boys are climbing on the bandwagon carefully so as not to create a upward value rise that is too good to ignore by the people at large. Crypto-currency like Bit Coin is flying high at this time.
There are moves afoot to legislate and control Bit-coin and Etherium’s ICO’s especially – but here’s the rub… the algorithms that crypto runs on are not designed to support the kind of legislative control the elites would like to impose. Can they shut it all down? And I will offer they have no intention of doing so. they want us on there. The world now runs on the internet. It is practically impossible to close it down… and there are so many possible advantages to business being developed on the block-chain it is unlikely to be eradicated. In fact it may not even be possible – without a worldwide EMP – and if that happens we are all going back to the stone-age instantly. Think quick guys and girls…

What if some of us – the SUM of us… hijack a portion of it? Do you have any idea what the VALUE would become IF… we climb on board and bring the intention of the collective consciousness into play – pennies become thousands, thousands become millions, millions become billions and billions – trillions. Think about it for a minute or two…
You could of course sit on the sidelines and watch…
You could hope like hell the banksters aren’t really going to divest you of everything you have left – which you worked so hard for…   Good luck. Yes the block-chain can and will be audited be the very controllers that created the Banking ponzi-scheme – eventually. So further down the line you will need to ensure you have used your profits wisely. That’s why projects like The Harmony Community are so vital.

A little bit of LOGIC… If you are sure (and many are) that there is a move afoot to control ALL currency as I have suggested down to the point you can be switched off – should you become divergent (silly you ) – Then it is LOGICAL that networked communities and individuals (up to a point – the lone prepper is not sustainable) that intend to remain FREE of the ULTIMATE control paradigm – need to be in self-sustaining OFF THE GRID NETWORKS and WITH ACCESS TO FOOD and many other things. I have known this for some two years already and that’s why this initiative  is so important. There’s an expression – “Make hay while the suns shines…” in other words get moving NOW!!!
I suggest a long night is coming (isn’t it funny how Game of Thrones and much other fiction – like 1984 have become very predictive) Hunger Games – Divergent, Elysium.. etcetera. Wake up folks.. start getting serious – because the controllers have got a plan – and all the money and technology in the world to back it up. Now WTF are you going to do about it? Climb on board a Harmony Community – together we can survive in style.

Its about time the people made “money” work for us. Decide to get involved in a far more equitable manner of using …money. One that might off-set the damage the banksters are about to create (have been for many years since they gained complete control of the banking system) and use this potential new found wealth to do something decent for humanity. You might just wish to ride out the crash – and to hell with the rest – niiiiice. What do you think? Am I mad? Is all lost and we must just take it all on the chin – like good little slaves – or should we fight back.
Its going to happen with or without you… I SUGGEST YOU PICK A SIDE.
…and watch this space.

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