Predatory centralized government; is there an alternative?

Predatory centralized government; is there an alternative?

The introductory purpose of this post is to argue that the main issues plaguing society have an easily identified common cause...

It is clear the world we have created, is not achieving what we hoped for in the 21st Century.  I would argue that evidence abounds we are moving quickly in entirely the wrong direction. Why… and are its problems really so very complex? Is their a way to reinvent it?

The West’s influence on the development of the rest of the world is apparent in varying degrees.  Its recent history of colonialism and empire expansion throughout the period of industrial revolution made a massive impact across the globe. Much of it for the worse… Well that’s history some will say.

Unfortunately, it is a history that still plagues the world at large today. Along with many preexisting barbaric practices that one could say are ingrained into the overall human experience.  We have five major geographic groupings across the globe and all the inhabitants seem to be at odds with one another. It is however, becoming apparent that today’s Western nations and what drives their political agendas, are major players in many aspects of world turmoil.

Suffice to say; Western society and government reflects those issues somewhat differently to the rest of the world due to its developmental history. Having said this and as a generalist; I see one overriding trend that is clearly creating problems: – GLOBALIZATION BY VIRTUE OF CENTRALIZED POWER. In fact centralized power full stop! Also referred to as too much Government!


Centralization of power, with its ability to dominate resources of every kind attracts many things to itself like a magnet. The first of which is “ambition” – not necessarily a bad thing in itself and arguably what created it in the first place – but it is quickly followed by greed and corruption.  I contend that these two vices, which operate hand in hand, are the driving force of most of what plagues modern society as a whole.aVICTIM OF THE SUM

There are any number of things going wrong and we can point to the cause if we step back far enough to see the wood for the trees – It’s only the detail of complex technocratic society, its monstrous economic inequalities and the overbearingly corrupt corporate influence that hangs like a veil over the big picture.  Why is it so easy for modern man to become lost in the detail of society at large?

Our dependence on news media to understand the world around us

The vast percentage of mankind understands the world around them only by virtue of the media to which they expose themselves to… It has to be that way, in a world of seven billion plus people. What happens on the other side of the world can affect the observer on this side today almost immediately. Most have neither the time or desire to apprise themselves of the big picture. Most hope that those whose job it is to understand and lead are prepared to do so conscientiously. Society expects the media to clarify and expose the main trends and vital information of who and how we are being led. It simply isn’t possible for the population at large to be close to and aware of the machinations of Centralized Power. This type of power requires a relatively small group to manage or govern all processes affecting the greater good on an enormous scale and to do so ethically… and rationally. Stop!

FAKE NEWSClearly this is not the case. Nor is it being clearly and ethically reported.

The people of the Western World are just discovering that the “narrative” that advises them of events of national and world importance has also become centralized.  The same “people” are beginning to realize that this narrative is highly controlled and increasingly manipulative.  More and more are recognizing the messages they receive from, what has become known as, Main Stream Media, is heavily weighted in favour of what their governments, major corporations and the technocrats of major power groupings… WANT them to believe. Instead of ethically researched truth – much of the message is manipulated nonsense. The Big money is controlling the message and reducing it to little more than propaganda and “fake news”. I would suggest it is self-evident …it does so in such a way as to SUPPORT ONLY ITS OWN OBJECTIVES.


I’m not going indulge in detail on this aspect of the plague because if the reader is not already aware of the self-evident facts of corporate and banking influence on centralized government – this article is not for you. Unsurprisingly main stream media also reflects ONLY the greed and corruption attracted to ALL centralized power.

The efforts of those motivated by greed and control have outweighed the efforts of those seeking to protect the ideals of society at large. The few have gained an inordinate amount of power over the many. This has fueled many conspiracy theories… and sadly a good percentage of those theories are turning out to be justified. But it’s not quite that simple...

There is another factor which plays an enormous role in both the corridors of power AND the message/news which reaches “the people”. It is a factor that is highly underestimated… we call it;


It is far more dangerous that many recognize! It’s worth understanding the definition of this description as it reflects in society today… simply because it dominates so much of the narrative of main-stream-media. That is as a direct result of the fact that Group-think dominates the economic thinking, planning or manipulation by corporate/banking control across all nations and world institutions:-

Group-think is a phenomenon developed in ‘groups’ marked by the consensus of opinion. It often characterizes issues without critical reasoning or evaluation of consequences or alternatives. Group-think evolves around a common desire to not upset the balance of it’s group of people. This can lead that group to stifle alternative thought, seek or avoid conflict, suppress creativity and individuality, and engage in potentially harmful traits.

Even if ‘the group’ is not motivated by greed and prepared to perpetrate all manner of corruption, the phenomenon of group-think has the ability to cause enormous damage. Simply because it rejects out of hand, information and viewpoints it should consider.

Group-think by its very nature focuses its thinking in an ever increasing narrow field. It emanates, I believe, from highly effective business leadership. Business has always had a narrow objective, even within diverse corporations. Profit! This blinkered drive for an objective, while great for an ambitious business enterprise is proving disastrous when applied to society as a whole.

Modern Capitalism has become the sum of its dominant parts

It’s easy to conclude and summarize that capitalism is just such a society – driven by profit, dominated by group think and manipulated by greed and corruption. To make matters worse, Capitalism specifically, has found itself a victim of the narrow focus of a few completely dominant international bankers, seeking to profit from the many, by establishing a banking system which would have us believe… the most valuable resource in the world is DEBT! Debt …that encompasses your debt and mine, that of local and international business trade. Inevitably this banking system has leveraged the debt of nations to it’s own advantage. It has become an unsustainable monster of frightening proportions wherein debt has been turned into weapon of mass destruction.Those who would praise modern capitalism, simply because nothing else we have tried so far seems to work… are ignoring the summary above.

Debt as a resource is a patently a ridiculous assumption, only possible by the principle of group-think and greed. Sadly this same few who created the banking system have discovered the power of corruption and have made it the means to manipulate all centralized control systems. As such, virtually every institution set up to protect society, is under constant attack …and not only from greedy manipulation. Those same institutions are also victims of the narrow focus inherent in the group-think principle.

Unsurprisingly, this situation is causing enormous rifts in society. Large groups along with their ideological thinking vie with one another to be heard – attempting to force their narrative on all other groups. Divisive messages seem to be the order of the day. In an effort to resolve the problem there are those suggesting the following:

Until such time as our species becomes a homogeneous whole, wherein the “group think” will apply to all in a sensible manner, we are destined to experience inevitable conflict. It can be argued this line of thinking is what is driving the World Government Idea, also known as the “Globalist Agenda”. An agenda which has inspired the dark conspiracy theory that suspects a form of evil totalitarian control – and it has a point!

The Globalist message (often defined as the liberal LEFT of the political spectrum) attempts to FORCE integration of Religion, Race, Culture... It uses a politically correct narrative whose application turns out be nothing short of ironic hypocrisy! Whereas the Nationalists (or politically conservative RIGHT) seek to maintain a separation of individual homogeneous communities from those seeking to take advantage (of what is perceived as) their developmental benefits or peaceful structure.  Unfortunately BOTH these approaches are the result of group-think and manipulative corruption. On reviewing their relative Left vs Right positions; you will find that much of Left thinking is not translated into action which would presuppose a socialist worker democracy for (and on behalf of) the people. The Right on the other hand; while less “politically correct” seems to be fulfilling the peoples concerns in areas that were traditionally left in thinking. Unfortunately the operative phrase “seems to be fulfilling” is also proving to be an illusion.

Who really stands for what?

There is tremendous confusion in terms of who exactly, stands for what!? America’s politics are a prime example, followed closely by Europe’s. The people have noticed there is an enormous disconnect between what the LEFT politicians promise as opposed to what they deliver. The political RIGHT are equally deceptive in their approach and delivery. While it becomes more apparent daily that both sets of promises are hollow and often badly formed – The people’s choices are limited. Desperate for change, voting preferences are swinging like a pendulum from one side to the other with each new incumbent. Only to discover that there is in reality only one system with just two (or more) faces. The system is clearly NOT being directed by the somewhat dubious choice of elected officials or even the party they represent. Therefore there MUST be a deeper controlling factor dominating the policies and legislation that are implemented regardless of the peoples choice. These self serving ‘groups’ have infiltrated the power structure utilizing greed and corruption. They are manipulating policy directives which only represent the Group-think!

It’s quite obvious to the detached observer that mainstream media (also controlled by the same version of group-think) will viciously attack any politician that strays from the deep state version of this group-think. The same main stream media have through both repetition and consistent distortion of national and world events created a polarity within the population which is so confusing, people are floundering and unable to either understand or focus on the bigger picture. Lost in the detail of one argument or the other.

Whatever your political leanings the divisive nature of the political narrative, is creating an extremism which is highly dangerous. Those lost within the media’s narrow focus are simply no longer listening to either sides valid concerns. An extremism that inevitably leads to conflict and perhaps war. History and philosophy teaches us that it is mankind’s enormous creative potential and diversity that offers a richness of possibility and thinking that can provide answers to all manner of obscure problems. And we face many at this time in our evolution!

There are issues approaching which for the first time in our history may wipe us off the face of the earth. It seems timely to seriously investigate if there are ways we can create new building blocks of society that will allow both creativity and diversity to thrive. Or reinvent society from the grass roots up.

Before we do make the attempt, it behooves us to consider one more element that should make it obvious that any attempt to change the system from the inside is futile. This is for those who point out (correctly so) it is the enormous differences in wealth and opportunity that is the major cause of all ills, I will offer this:

eNRICHES THE 1 PERCENTAmerica 2013 – Growing disparity in wealth distribution: When this data is compared in dollars:

  • The Poor: Wealth has decreased by 26.5% for the bottom 20% of incomes
  • The Working Class: Wealth has decreased by 52.7% for the second lowest 20% of incomes
  • The Middle Class: Wealth has decreased by 19.1% for the middle 20% of incomes

It is said that the top eight billionaires in the world own more than the bottom 50% globally! With one family in particular owning or controlling more hidden wealth than all eight combined! Yes – there is an enormous and growing disparity which is unquestionably causing serious problems for all society.

This commentary started by identifying Centralized power and Group-think as the main causes of what plagues us. The disparity highlighted above IS AS A DIRECT RESULT OF EVERMORE CENTRALIZED POWER AND ALL IT ATTRACTS – without which, it could never have achieved this ridiculous imbalance. I am hoping by now you will agree on the big picture as I have described it. Yes… there are many issues relating to mankind’s inability to find agreement on cultural values and societal management.Is there a realistic solution?



If centralized power attracts greed and corruption based on the narrow focus of ‘group-think’ surely the inevitable conclusion is to move towards the opposite.  Perhaps it would be wise to compare two options first…

THE PENDULUM – lets swing to the opposite extreme

Anarchists will tell you (…I speak of anarchy in its purest original definition as opposed to the commonly misconstrued interpretation of bomb throwing chaos) …that what we need is NO GOVERNMENT.  Anarchists suggest that nations can flourish by simply finding agreement in a democratic manner and live with a simple set of rules. I for one, would suggest one day our species may be enlightened and/or homogeneous enough to achieve that – but not yet! We are far from resolving the basics of our differences at a personal level. Our education from birth to adulthood and beyond is sadly lacking in so many areas. PENDELUM CHAOSAreas which result in insufficient attention paid to emotional intelligence, compromise, rational and critical thinking to name just a few. Anarchy is a nice ideal in a society made up of sane, tolerant non-aggressive individuals. Clearly society is a long way from creating a broad mass of individuals so inclined… and it would still have to find ways to deal with those who refuse to adopt mature responses to difficult situations. Nor do I believe, does anarchy has a ready solution for group-think.

History warns that whenever radical change is achieved in society it comes with a leadership style called the Charismatic Strong-man. In today’s world those that are likely to finance radical revolution are in fact the very forces that are the source of the problem! Change to centralized government is quickly manipulated into more of the same or even worse. The Bolshevik revolution in Russia removed the Czar only to find itself with Stalin at the helm and totalitarian government… it is said, Stalin murdered over 12 million of his people. The forces behind that revolution still exist today. Many will tell you they are deeply entrenched and playing a very devious game of havoc within the deep-state. Beware what we ask for! Let’s look for a solution that respects – we will have to live with an incredible diversity of thinking and a level of irrational behaviour for the foreseeable future.

THE SCALE – finding balance, knowing that imbalance causes problems

At the moment the scales are firmly weighted in favour of the few. Can we add enough weight to the side of the people to reach a balance?

There are two ways to achieve this and I suggest, one effort, can tackle both at the same time. Anarchy suggests the scales must clunk dramatically from one side to the other! Reality suggests an inevitable fight will develop for dominance.  it is NOT a scenario that bodes well for humanity or the environment it exists within! The status-quo will inevitably resist change – it always does. Dramatic change will force dramatic resistance – in a world where fingers hover above the potential of nuclear holocaust!

The two ways to equalize the scales in its simplest form…

  • The concentration of weight or power MUST be removed INCREMENTALLY from the one side (we’ll call it Elitist Government for the sake of argument) and…
  • Weight or the power of self determination must be recaptured by “the people” in a re-balanced manner.

How to go about it is not so obvious. This website suggests a method that promises both – in incremental stages. I assert that incremental change can gain tremendous traction and become a VERY powerful movement. Success breeds more of the same.

The Harmony Community offers: Thriving, independent and sustainable off-grid, off system communities that automatically provide a far greater prospect of self determination. Communities of this nature CAN offer the people an inspired alternative and create a meaningful grass roots momentum. The independence inherent in these communities inevitably dis-empowers the centralized Elitist Government and emphasizes the redistribution of power. Yes… it starts in an incremental manner. As the movement grows… it WILL accelerate, while avoiding smashing the scale down towards the opposite extreme of imbalance.


The thing that is most likely to endanger the re-balancing of the scale is WAR. Much of what we believe and accept as individuals is as a direct result of GROUP-THINK! Group-think with its tendency to suppress alternative viewpoints develops into a form of extremism, which we know loves to impose its will on everyone else. Religions and race based cultures are a prime examples of this. Therefore conflict seems inevitable.  So how do we create broad based homogeneous culture… is it possible and is it… even necessary?!

Homogeneity may be a result of our societal evolution one day. It will not come as the result of force! As the victims of their own narrow focus, the Globalists, are about to discover.  This is a truism many seem unready to accept. Those who do… are the hope, that humanity needs!

Hope however is a funny animal. It can be used as an excuse to stand aside and let events roll over us. Hope based on rational intention and critical action – not just wishful thinking – has the potential to create alternatives which may one day form the building blocks of a new rational and ethical society. We can right now, establish small structures offering a promise, supportive of the needs and aspirations of the many.

My somewhat long winded argument was designed to bring us to a point wherein the following problem can be recognized. Centralized power inevitably forms a base for greed and corruption. resistance is inevitable from those seeking to maintain the status-quo. The power of of the people once moving in a specific direction will become simply overwhelming if it is not confrontational. The real power of people change… is fluid and hard to pin down – more of an idea than a standing army – difficult to get hold of and defeat by centralized government. Small communities, can engage the individual in the leadership process. A form of manageable anarchy cab be achieved and is more easily monitored for the things that plague us. All except perhaps Group-think!

We know it’s a problem that must be overcome. I have no immediate answer to this conundrum. I propose it must remain an issue to be very carefully and watchfully considered. There is another potential advantage of small communities… ESPECIALLY IF, WE REINVENT OUR APPROACH TO MANAGING THE BIGGER PICTURE OF SOCIETY?

  • Are there however, some things that all sane people might actually AGREE ON?
  • A foundation of core values which supersede the differences?

Could these values form a basis for progress..? Until we can find systems that acknowledge and resolve many (if not all) of the things that plague us. Where to look for inspiration…



Building blocks of societyCan nature provide the insight we need, through Bio-mimicry?

Does nature provide examples of harmonious integration? A naturalist will quickly tell you yes… but it has a predatory element to maintain the balance. This fact is often used as an excuse for mankind to exhibit similar ‘predatory’ tendencies. I’m strongly suggesting, this is all it is… an excuse!

We can rise above it by focusing less on the animal aspect of nature and more deeply on the organic nature of plant life.
Small communities (and I include every type – from self sustaining rural villages to city states and everything in between) can be formed into a cell-like organic structures in a similar manner to what nature prescribes in plant organisms. In so doing we may achieve a form of ongoing harmony. If the disease (the plague presently infecting the world body) revisits, it will manifest first in a small part of the organism. Perhaps; if we can find sensible monitoring and diligent control systems, at local level, we can arrest the disease’s progress before it affects the larger society. Keeping firmly in mind: The larger the community… the more danger of disease!

Why it so different to our historical development…
Cell communication panel

In the past and while society was developing, this option, a kind of widely spaced cellular growth, was the only one available. It can be argued that until population intensified and people began to fight for resources, our battles were small and insignificant. Am I suggesting we step back to a time past? Not at all… I am simply pointing out smaller communities are easier to manage. Especially if those communities are thriving independently. As it stands right now our society on Earth can be compared to a virus about to kill its host – so it seems logical to me, were we to create systems which integrate harmoniously in a ‘natural’ plant-like or cellular manner, we would be making a serious evolutionary leap forward.

This is true especially if we utilize and share the advantages of the modern world, like instant communication and labour saving technology. Things that were NOT available in times past. Early society did not recognize the need to manage it’s development until too late – it had already stumbled into a greedy AND predatory ruler system which to this day has devastating affects on society as a whole. The Organic structure of the human being requires a brain to function effectively. Perhaps our drive towards centralized systems has been based on efficiencies supposedly inherent in the brain-centric animal organism that is us? Much of the animal world it turns out is predatory.

It’s worth noting however: The vast majority of nature essentially totally ignores the brainiac approach. Maybe its time we take a leaf from nature’s book and investigate the organic cellular level approach to harmony with our environment and each other. No… I don’t want to live in a world of vegetative thinking – just acknowledge the amazing potential of complex organisms provided by nature. The organic cellular approach is made available to us by virtue of today’s advanced microscopic research. A close study of the way nature manages cellular integration can I believe, become the most effective interpretation of the Anarchists dream or maximum freedom from onerous government and all that it attracts.

For us to start creating these ethical, sane and diverse communities as building blocks to construct a new and rational society… It simply remains for us to agree on the core values that the majority of humanity would love to see applied at every level of society: From the individual, through the nuclear family, right up to the City-state and beyond.

Funny enough that’s the easy part…

Please consider these six core values or heart virtues (subject to your inclinations)… I would suggest that together (in no particular order) they project a loving principle mankind needs desperately to acknowledge. They CAN be applied to the best of our ability – in small communities. Communities that are purpose designed to be sustainable from the perspective of their environmental footprint, financial productivity and community cooperative structure which emphasizes equality and individuality.

  • Humility
  • Appreciation
  • Valour (being the ethical override to courage)
  • Forgiveness
  • Understanding
  • Compassion

The graphic below best illustrates the relationship of these virtues…




We are here to nurture not destroy… and together we are the change we wish to see.

We are sovereign individuals seeking harmony with the greater WE of society and the environment we depend on to exist!

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  1. Posted by Lola Reply

    I have often referred to our society as a cancer on the earth, massive consumption of resources without replenishment. This process eventually kills both the host and the parasite. It is not a sustainable state. Simply creating healthy cells or groups of small sustainable ecosystems will not solve the problem of the existing cancer, but will eventually be consumed by it. I am reminded of the harmonious society of earlier mother/goddess/matriarchal civilizations that flourished promoting the values described in your chart. tragically, there were subjugated and wiped out by the advent of the iron age, weapons and violence of the patriarchal groups that usurped their lands, resources and property, vilified and destroyed the principals they worshipped, and transformed them into evil witches to be burned at the stake. I was very much hoping you had a more substantial solution to our dying planet.

    • Posted by admin Reply

      Dear Lolapics, This initiative is one of two we are launching. You might be rather surprised at some of the technology at our disposal and the creative manner we will use it. We recognise the issues you raise and offer this: This project The Harmony Community THC, represents the template for an alternative lifestyle which must be proven to work. The second platform we are working on is designed to be a Networking and Funding ALL THE ESSENTIAL EFFORTS,INITIATIVES AND SOLUTIONS that are so essential to change the mess we know exists. We will be using THC to show how it can be achieved on the micro-scale – the Marcro-scale requires the efforts of many from all walks of life. Together, networked with the determined intention of what we should be aiming for. I gently suggest there are no instant pills to solve the chaos created by those who have led us all in the wrong direction. The World is Thinking and becoming aware… we are waking up! Watch we will provide many links to fantastic efforts – there is a greater community being formed and it needs your support. Our 2nd endeavour is designed to allow YOU and your like-minded friends to get engaged. Even if thats 15 mins a month.

  2. Posted by Veronique Palmer Reply

    I think I just fell in love! 🙂 What a magnificent article. Thank you. I agree with you on every level. Going to trawl through your website when I’m back at my laptop.

  3. Posted by Manuel A Gloria Reply

    Something to think about, it is worthy of reading

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