Education and inspiration in the harmony community

Education and inspiration in the harmony community

An Intentional community

These days, people are lamenting the “state the world is in”. They yearn for a simpler life, with genuine values, where people still care for each other and for the environment. Many wish to escape the proverbial rat race entirely and find a place where life can have purpose and meaning.

There are several options available to those who seek to return to nature and to sanity. Some choose to get involved with various civic or social change groups, others focus on kindness and caring activities at their places of worship. Social media has created opportunities to build friendships and support networks within their communities. While these options provide some level of fulfillment, we encounter those yearning to achieve a greater expression of personal and societal transformation. For those with an overwhelmingly strong motivation to live their values full time seek to join or create an “intentional community”.

An intentional community is a group of people who have chosen to live together with a common purpose. They choose to co-operate on many levels to create a lifestyle that reflects their shared core values and beliefs. The Harmony Community is just such a community. We place a high priority on developing and nurturing a sense of community – something that is greatly lacking in modern societies around the world.

The search for our highest values

We recognise the range and scope of any collective group’s highest values will be wide and diverse.  It includes, amongst others, ecology, equality, appropriate technologies, self-sustainability, right livelihood, humanist psychology, creativity, spirituality and the pursuit of global peace.

Intentional communities draw to themselves members from all walks of life. These people inevitably bring with them generations of social conditioning. The attitudes, behaviours and institutions prevalent in the broader society – including the very things they seek alternatives to – are a significant part of their human wiring.  While the individual (or group) can pinpoint a societal challenge and verbalise the need to transform it into something more amicable and sustainable, does not mean that they have the perspective or skill sets needed to do so…The Harmony Community, being an intentional community, will face the same societal challenges many other similar communities have faced in the past.  It is the intention to set up, within the Harmony Community, a learning centre, which will cater for a variety of learning experiences, with the view to allow for a gradual transition from one type of lifestyle to another.

Personal growth aligned with societal transformation

There are already well-developed and institutionalised education programmes for the development of Ecovillages and intentional communities such as the highly acclaimed Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) programmes presented by Gaia Education. Within the Harmony Community, a similar programme will be phased in as the development of the community progresses.

The development of these learning interventions will be tiered to address the needs of various groups of long-term and part-time inhabitants, at various times.Ed Graphic 1 copy

On a basic level, this programme will be based on the Four Dimensions of the Gaia Programmes and will encompass four major objectives namely:

  1. World view
  2. Social
  3. Economic
  4. Ecology

The learning provided at the Harmony Community will make provision for various types and levels of learning.

Ed Graphic 2 copy

A bold vision and model for transformation

Intentional communities are often inspired by bold visions of creating a new social and economic order and developing and testing duplicatable models and technologies that will assist in the quest for the peaceful and ecological salvation of the planet.

These communities serve as model environments or teaching centres for sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology, feature such concepts as permaculture, aero/aquaculture, organic gardening, grey water systems, bio-mass recycling and passive solar home design.  In addition to these, the Harmony Community intends to be a role model, par excellence, in the field of renewable energy and the dissemination of applicable information pertaining to unique energy sources, to the rest of the awakening world.

Updates, regarding the Harmony Community’s vision for a unique brand of quality education and training interventions, will be added to our posts. A wide range of interventions, ranging from fun and informal, to deeply personal, to scientific and technical will feature here.

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