A sustainable lifestyle community called Harmony

A sustainable lifestyle community called Harmony

Powered by an Energywell – Harmony offers an OFF THE GRID lifestyle that promises a lot more than the “comfortable shelter” typical of traditional housing schemes. Harmony brings security across three of the most important levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, being Water, Food and Shelter. We call it survival in style.

Harmony – the community is an Earth sensitive ecologically and financially sustainable lifestyle concept that will support every advantage of modern life.  At least those advantages that are respectful of life as a whole.

The technology that the community utilises will ensure that all resources and waste are efficiently recycled. Harmony will feed itself, create its own FREE power and if forced into survival mode will be 95% self sufficient. Trading with neighbours and a little ingenuity may solve the rest. One might even say it will be a luxurious lifestyle, capable of supporting within its small but elaborate layout all the very modern advantages our technology can offer. Such as organic (vertical) hydroponic farming combined with permaculture and natural sequence principles. Intensive recycling of water and waste will be tackled while generating bio-gas and natural fertilisers. Fish farming will provide valuable protein, plus offering additional fertilizer benefits along with spirulina algae production. Both these options offset the soil degradation usually encountered with modern industrialized farming methods.

Harmony is a template, being created to fulfill two purposes. The first, to provide an example of how we need to live while re-greening our planet. The second, is an attempt to provide those who feel disenfranchised with a way to raise their standard of living.

Re-greening the planet?

If you haven’t already watched at least one or two of Conservation International’s Video clips; “I am Nature” series, do so… These powerful messages say succinctly just how important our approach to nature must become. Re greening our human industrialized footprint must be achieved before we reach tipping points or climate feedback loops that will make the environment untenable for all life on earth. A number of very credible scientists are beginning to suggest Abrupt Climate Changes will take us by surprise and create challenges that will be very difficult to deal with, possibly creating millions of climate refugees within the very near future in 10 – 15 years!

Survival in style…

The Harmony Community’s ecological sustainable lifestyle, by catering for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th needs of Maslow’s hierarchy (Air, Water, Food & Shelter) will free up the residents to investigate their self actualization aspirations. How? Well the community infrastructure will require the residents commit only limited effort to sustain their basic needs. Because their basic needs are already catered for – We estimate that as much as 80% of the residents time and effort will be available to earn an income and examine or enjoy alternative enterprises. Remember there will be no energy/utility bills, basic food will be catered for and alternative choices easily traded or purchased. We fully realise there are many other expenses related to daily life… Watch this space and follow how sensible management and fiscal common sense is able to support the community’s individual needs and aspirations.

An international awareness campaign

The team building the Energywell and the Harmony community, will undertake an international awareness campaign across all forms of media. From the point when we start development we will also start a documentary film. The aim is to encourage people to take a close look at how this lifestyle template is achieved, can be adopted by… and adapted to every level of society. The community’s infrastructure will include a visitor’s center, accommodation and a training facility. This facility will supported by a team of credible experts to assist our experienced facilitators in preparing course material. Can we capture sufficient attention to make this all worthwhile? Harmony will be able to achieve massive public interest because…


An Energywell is the alternative energy breakthrough we need – Free, totally renewable electricity without fossil fuels, without emissions, 24 hours a day… from gravity

This alternative energy device will be made freely available to all who want to build it. On this platform we can empower change to be effected from the ground up – people will follow across the world. Not everyone initially, but certainly those with vision will quickly see the potential. The aim is to achieve a critical mass of people across the world adopting change in a sensible fashion. All change is achieved in this way. Change is not the problem – resisting it, is… and many will resist it. But the motivation is powerful because the ecological and economic benefits, along with the entrepreneurial possibilities surrounding an Energywell are, without overstating things, simply incredible.

So why are we not simply developing the prototype, patenting it and making ourselves incredibly rich? Looking after number one?

Why not become yet another doomsday prepper and watch the world burn? Simple logic… our children will not be able to live comfortably on a world whose climate and civilisation is falling apart. Nor will yours.


Climate change is real – if allowed, the runaway effects will be grim. If mine and yours are to survive in style we must achieve this critical mass of people adopting a harmonious lifestyle on this planet, with a view to kick starting at the Macro level of society world wide. This planet is all we have. Let’s clean it up. It is the only logical answer.

The Energywell concept will be published on an international stage just as soon as we have raised the funds required to develop the EnergyWell into an elegant and efficient device. Keep in mind that the modern gear box in your vehicle is a far cry from that of the model T Ford. While it is our intention to encourage every community to empower themselves with an Energywell, our team neither needs or wants billions of dollars from a business based on “selling” what our world desperately needs to survive – completely renewable clean energy.


We see people that are overwhelmed and subsequently paralyzed by the enormity of the challenge that the climate crisis represents. People are avoiding the issue because it is depressing to think we have no choice but to hand down a legacy of disaster to our children. “Let the governments solve the problem” they seem to be saying? It’s time for a reality check!


World governments have already proven they do not have the political will or the ideas to tackle the problem. If we truly want to change people’s disbelief… into one of a positive nature… that we CAN change our world back to what it needs to be… and inspire as many as possible to make the effort, we had better create a powerful incentive. It needs be a lifestyle that all can aspire to – with all the possible variations that individuality demands. Harmony is not a concept lifestyle to be enforced on anyone, it is simply a template – it will be up to individuals to wrap it around their needs and desires.

Harmony is an attempt to mimic nature…

It is a cellular form of living that mimics nature and it can be adapted to every environment on the planet, every community large and small.

Releasing the Energywell concept as we intend means it will be FREELY available to every business, industry and government to adopt its methodology – let’s show them how. There are many innovative thinkers out there and we will be very happy for any and all to improve on the theme. Sure, this is a big idea. WE NEED BIG IDEAS to avoid the grim legacy we have created chasing unsustainable exponential economic growth, powered by fossil fuels at the cost of our finite biosphere. Real change happens from grass roots endeavours – its always been that way. Except it and help make it happen – lets show the way forward. Your contribution, however modest will help. Please use the crowd funding link provided.

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