Stephen Hawking and Big ideas

Stephen Hawking and Big ideas

Listening to Stephen Hawking discuss the universe recently is always enlightening. He made two statements recently (in particular) that stick with me…

The first, I believe, was a lovely dig at corporate greed in particular “…now that we are confident we understand how the universe works, perhaps we should patent it and charge everyone royalties to participate in it…?

The second, in response to the question: Is there anyone else out there (in our galaxy)? He replied, …probably not, within a couple of hundred light years because we would have heard broadcasts from any civilisation of similar evolution to ourselves. (he adds, that’s not to say there are not less evolved civilizations who aren’t broadcasting or those more evolved, whose broadcasts we can’t recognise).

The next part of his reply is more pertinent however… he went on to say… Alternatively civilizations may not last long – they may be destined to destroy themselves after a short period… I can only conclude that he arrives at this conclusion from the experience of our own civilization’s present circumstances. In fact, as if to reinforce my observation, he went on to say… that due to our ability to transform the planet earth in both a negative and positive manner, combined with our (seemingly) genetic dispensation of aggressive nature and inward looking approach to our finite biosphere… our greatest challenge will be to survive the next 100 years!

Then again Stephen may be wrong..? There is an ever growing community of internet UFO watchers who are capturing some amazing still and video images of ‘alien’ ships! In the last few years specifically the evidence is growing exponentially that we are not alone! It’s getting harder and harder to believe all the video material is totally faked! If you are prepared to seriously consider the mounting evidence… then you also have to seriously question if  the history of our species (we have taken for granted) is in fact true. It becomes something of a quantum leap for most people to grasp and can be very unsettling. I will point you to something I discovered recently on the internet… it rewrites history as we know it. It’s presented as a mythology… Mmmn… so is much of the worlds older religious history, which as time goes by archeology keeps confirming… So what you make of the links below is up to you. It’s fascinating, deeply spiritual while also being very scientific – it certainly makes for very interesting reading. The link:

If this resonates with you then perhaps you might be ready to consider David Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations — Full Video! – YouTube.

We all recognise Stephen Hawking is one of our great thinkers – he argues bravely in reference to his disability that he has more time to think than most… and he comes to the same conclusion as most of the credible scientific world – we are on path to self destruction. I think it’s a pity he puts it such moderated language. Frankly mankind needs a wake up call. It’s exciting to think there is more ‘out there’ than we have up until now been led to believe…

Perhaps like me you been hearing since your childhood statements along the lines of:-

“Isn’t a pity mankind can’t all work together – Imagine what we could achieve if we did?”

I always had an active imagination as a child and it led me down some amazing paths of possibility. I also discovered others had amazing thoughts on what might be – science fiction authors. I lapped up everything of that nature I could get my hands on. Well consider for a moment the following;

We have finally arrived at a point in our evolution wherein, our survival as a species is literally within our technological means means to determine…
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We are surely therefore challenged to see if can’t all work together to ensure our survival. If you were asked to complete a survey today asking the question – can mankind rise to the challenge and work together to save himself over the next 20 years (being the critical period in which much of the work has to be done) could we do it?

Most I ask, refuse to answer or avoid the question with tangential responses. A few honest and probably outspoken individuals say “NO – not a chance!” These responses might as first glance seem cynical – but are they? Are they perhaps realistic?

The question begs therefore: Is the human race prepared to simply give up on itself without even trying?!

It’s a question all of us should be asking right now.. of ourselves and everyone around us. Our destiny is staring us in the face. What are you be prepared to do about it? At what point are you going to;

  1. Panic?
  2. Get depressed?
  3. Get Angry?
  4. Get a plan?
  5. Start doing something about?

Me..? I’m at stage 5… anyone want to join me? That’s what this site is about. Take a look around there is plenty you can do to support our efforts. Get involved, join in – share the message. We have an awful lot to do. Everything is at stake! I also believe we need to search our hearts to establish what we really really want because we need to find something sensible to replace what we have. I for one am certainly not prepared to let the mass media tell me what they (the establishment) thinks I want.


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