SURVIVAL IN STYLE… or are we prepping for disaster?

SURVIVAL IN STYLE… or are we prepping for disaster?

I am fascinated by the many survival programs now showing on television, there seems to be an interesting trend at odds with our modern lifestyle.

Is this a deep and instinctive desire to recapture lost skills we may need soon?

While I am glad to see the dissemination of these survival skill sets, it worries me at the same time. In terms of the long term survival of the species, assuming you acknowledge we simply cannot go on as we have since the rise of the industrial age… I for one do not believe we will change the hearts and minds of many by simply offering a “hippy – beans and rice survival option”. Nor do we subscribe to a DOOMSDAY PREPPER philosophy of living in a bunker with an “I’m alright jack” attitude, enforced at the end of an assault rifle! If we don’t do enough to mitigate the incredibly toxic civilization; from political to the natural world… that has been created around us over the next 10 -15 years the potential conflict possible from millions (possibly billions) of climate/water refugees could be become overwhelming! While I recognise the potential of that eventuality, it is a legacy to be avoided if possible.


Living green to reverse our impact on the biosphere can be a whole lot better than these survival programs suggest.

In fact it can offer a lifestyle to the vast majority that avoids scarcity and encourages a level of self sufficiency that can tackle poverty, sickness and stress.

Survival in style, like beauty, is very much in the eye if the beholder. Each to their own, you might say. There are however some very common requirements regardless of the financial level of the society you come from.  Without getting into an argument with those driven to accumulate ridiculous wealth (the richest 3%), we can easily define lifestyles that would have great appeal to the average Joe…


What do we want?

We want comfortable shelter, nutritious food, clean water on tap and electricity to power lights and labour saving appliances. Those of us in the first world have grown accustomed to living in a relatively safe, comfortable and attractive environment wherein our children can be educated effectively. We expect our aspirations for the future, to depend on our ingenuity and commitment to a work ethic. How realistic these expectations are is debatable. For most this is a pipe dream. Nearly half of the world’s population has little hope of ever achieving these things in their lifetime. Another 30% of the population has the basics and is working incredibly hard to keep it. Our much vaunted civilization is letting down the vast majority of people’s aspirations.

An economic treadmill

If the truth be told most of us, even those in the middle classes feel like we are on a treadmill barely keeping pace with the spinning wheel. Economic slaves, in a system hell bent on materialism at all costs. Is that really what we want? While developing the Energywell, we also developed a vision of a lifestyle wherein the basic needs of our survival are catered for… Then, if we desire every new gadget and expensive luxury therein-after, it truly becomes a matter of personal choice. Most of us, if challenged, would place economic security at the top of our wish list. We don’t want to work our butts off with no hope of ever improving our lot. The Harmony Community sets a new base line on survival. It sets out to show how we can live 100% green, using only renewable resources while also catering for the 3 top needs of Mazlow’s hierarchy.

We are not the only team thinking about improving our future… 0bfcd8_949119a62455429f8bb442aafb357ad1

Particularly noteworthy: Jacques Fresco, awesome architect, futurist and creator of the Venus Project has a lot of very good ideas about how to resolve scarcity (a resource based society, fascinating – take a look But frankly, I don’t believe mankind is philosophically enlightened enough to implement them… yet.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to improve our lot. As for communities living in abject poverty; some basic changes to their empowerment opportunities could make an enormous difference. How and what the residents do to improve their lot therein-after, will remain a question of choice and personal endeavour. We have provided a more complete outline of Harmony’s unique development plan.

Imposing a philosophy on anyone ultimately will not work

The Energywell and Harmony community development team is not expecting every one will follow our lifestyle preference specifically. Nor is it our aim to enforce this methodology on any one. We are simply suggesting that by catering for the basic needs (however those needs are defined) we can achieve a new level of freedom from the economic treadmill. While this is an important element of our intention to provide an alternative lifestyle, more important is the immediate need to start living in manner that respects our biosphere. We have in the last 150 years of industrialization has damaged it to a point where our survival as a species is in serious jeopardy. 


Free clean power can provide real encouragement along the lines of the “Teach a man to fish…” philosophy.  We are being challenged to change the way we live on this planet right now, so why not take note of the potential 100% free, clean power offers and make available the advantages of connecting to modern technological society attainable for those living on or below the bread line.  If you watch this site you will find very modest (green) lifestyle options that represent a vast improvement to those struggling to feed themselves on a daily basis.

For those of you struggling to get off your personal treadmill you will find an achievable opportunity to improve your independence (financial freedom) and the way you live and interact with the planet’s sick biosphere.  We need to make drastic changes to the way we live anyway (the alternative is too grim to think about), so why not solve some of the other problems at the same time. It might be easier than it first appears. In fact, the need to live green and improve our lot may well go hand in hand.

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