The Hollywood Solution to the climate crisis

The Hollywood Solution to the climate crisis

Discussing recent movies is a far safer bet than bringing up the global warming. At a recent gathering of family and friends the subject of the perfect storm of events that represents the climate crisis as a whole came up. Trust me, we try not to dominate all conversations with this issue… it easily becomes a  joy killing topic. In this case however, there seemed to be a genuine interest from a new visitor I hadn’t met before. So I took the time out to pull him aside and outline in simple terms the 5 main issues that are contributing to the the perfect storm. (Being atmospheric emissions – do they or don’t they contribute to the problem, aridification (or desertification) of the landmass, which obviously includes the massive eradication of forests which has been going on for years, toxic pollution and acidification of the oceans, melting glaciers and that will inevitably bring water shortages to very large population groups… and the melting Arctic Tundra releasing methane into our atmosphere in such a way as to make our CO2 emissions negligible. We had an observer  to our discussion who remained quiet throughout our conversation. Having completed my short (admittedly grim) offering, I asked the question; “What do you think will happen when millions, possibly billions of water refugees start arriving at their neighbour’s borders seeking relief..? Having provided a little “food for thought” I was happy to leave it there. Our observer chose finally to speak up with this subject ending comment “I don’t subscribe to your beliefs – the world is evolving by it’s self and all that you say will only happen over a long period of geologic time.” Basically stating that mankind has nothing to do with it.

It’s not the first time we have encountered this type of response. So I responded with one last question… “So are you saying that all the indicators are wrong… and we don’t need to be concerned?

His response… “Our governments would tell us if it was that bad.” he went on… “We’ll just go to another planet”


I’m far from sure of that. Firstly, governments are just people, people who are supposed to provide leadership and solutions… We believe they are just as overwhelmed by the crisis as are most people. Politicians walk a tightrope at the best of times. This is not the best of times. As our global population increases and our technology develops most governments seem to be struggling to find ways to develop economic growth while provide jobs and social security. That is… those politicians who aren’t greedily filling their pockets from the public purse just as fast as they can. No… I don’t believe the Environmental Crisis is a top of mind issue for the average politician. Nor do I believe that those that provide the backing to get the politicians into their positions of “power” want the radical change of societal structure that will undermine their financial aspirations. Sadly we seem to be stuck in a self destructive loop unable to face up to the potential demise of civilisation as we know it. Which brings me to the “another planet” option I like to call the Hollywood solution.

Have you seen “Interstellar”? Another of Hollywood’s great Sci-fi adventures. Mankind prevails, with determination and super advanced technology… Great story – I loved it – as a piece of fiction!


But it is science FICTION after all. I’m not knocking science fiction. I believe it sets the bar on what me might achieve – one day becoming science fact. In fact it is science fiction reading that provided the creative drive to develop the Energywell – Gravity driven power source.  I’m all for science fiction. I believe more than one scientist has been motivated to choose the profession by virtue of the wonderful concepts that the genre imagines.

Having your head in clouds is one thing, keeping your feet firmly rooted on the ground is another.

Interstellar Mathew in suit

There was one statement (made by Cooper, Matthew McConaughey’s character when he first meets Brand – the physics professor played by Micheal Caine – in the movie “Interstellar”) that is firmly based on fact: 0bfcd8_0f3b6cd0bf924540b26c76e96ee3fe38

Finding another planet to live on with our present technology is a non-starter.

We are a very long way from developing the technology that will allow us to cross interstellar distances. The movie grounds itself quite well by adequately pointing out that EVEN IF we had the technology, the relativistic time issues still means the demise of all but a chosen few. Desperate to the nth degree. It is a warning – the movie is mankind’s consciousness providing a caution…

This is the only planet we have. We need to clean up our act… and we need to do it now!

Our reliance on fossil fuels must cease. Alternative energy must be developed. Elegant, convenient and practical solutions that do not require fossil fuels are the simple answer. This is achievable today! We must come together as a species and fight for our survival by showing those without the vision that there are ways to mitigate the damage we have done to our environment. The Politicians – will ultimately move with the winds of change – the change will come from you and me, at grass roots level. That is the point… You can help right now by making a small contribution towards developing the Energywell gravity driven electrical generator into one of the devices that can empower a new world. The world we live on right now – with mankind respecting nature with the gravity it deserves.

Another great Hollywood production Elysium had an equally dire prediction for the vast majority of humanity. The elite living in luxury having literally separated themselves off-planet, leaving the rest to fend for themselves… Hello sound familiar ? Isn’t that exactly what’s happening now – albeit without the space station? I know places in Africa and Asia that look just like the Earth-bound grimy reality portrayed in this movie. Even if you do not believe the climate crisis is man made – you should be funding the FREE ENERGY principle if no no other reason that our modern industrialized economic religion of “growth” at any cost is unsustainable. It promises an ever diminishing quality of life to everyone but the 1%! Please use the funding link provided – the new planet we seek is the one we have right now – only better.


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