The GRID is the largest man made structure ever built, extending as it does across every continent except Antartica. The fossil fuels we use to power it, the industry supported by it and the incredible levels of pollution it empowers us to produce are all contributing to climate change. It is going to kill us. Unless we do something about it soon!

The search for alternative energy is the greatest race mankind has ever entered. The stakes have never been higher. When Tesla and Edison w​​ere developing the technology of electricity it is probable that they had little idea how quickly it would explode into the source that would power humanities expansion across the world. Electricity in itself is clean. It’s how we generate it (and use it) that has caused so many of the problems we now face. The race is on to create viable forms of alternative energy so that fossil fuels are no longer needed. Can we do it?

Yes, but the cost to the world’s economies is feared to be so great there are enormous vested interests that are fighting the conversion with everything they have. The prognosis that governments, who are in reality elected by those vested interests, will provide a template for change timeously is frankly quite slim. Any historian will tell you, real change doesn’t come from the top down… it comes from the ground up. Read history about the rise and fall of great empires and you will quickly realise that they fought to maintain the status quo vigorously. Eventually they all refuse or are unable to adapt to changing circumstances and fail. We cannot afford to rely on the world’s governments to ensure mankind’s survival.



If even first world governments can’t or won’t enforce (at this time) the changes we desperately need to save our environment, how on earth can we individuals change anything?

Mankind can win the battle to survive – it simply requires us to adopt a lifestyle, powered by an alternative sources of energy that create no emissions, one that empowers us to tackle the clean up of our environment and re green the planet. Easily said… but is it really possible? The key factor that will make it possible is an appropriate power source – conveniently providing energy 24 hours a day, no fossil fuel required and most importantly no emissions whatsoever! Do we have this power source?


An Energywell is a continuous cycle mass converter that harnesses gravity as its sole source of energy. It sounds complex but it is surprisingly simple and more importantly, scaleable for any variety of purposes. An Energywell can provide a low-tech solution that is easy to build on a community scale. Due to its need to harness gravity, manipulating a large weight or mass is important – therefore an Energywell is not pocket sized. Economy of scale means that power options from 100kilowatts and up are economically viable. That translates to an ability to power 10 energy hungry homes.

Continuing to build energy hungry homes is not of course, what we are suggesting. There are however, a lot of energy hungry homes, offices and factories out there and we are going to need to provide power to them for a long time to come. Change doesn’t happen overnight.


To prove it’s effectiveness as a reliable power source we are going to utilise this device to power a small, entirely off-the-grid community. Harmony, the community – with a net zero carbon footprint, will use an Energywell to provide power for all its needs. 100% clean generation of electricity, no emissions whatsoever, 24 hours a day, no fuel required. This earth-ship* village will create an example of an alternative lifestyle that provides humanity with a template for survival in style and in harmony with all life. Why are we pushing a village concept when surely the Energywell is the big news?  If adopted, this template will allow us to clean up our environment, assuring life’s bio-diversity and sustainability into the future. ​​



Our atmospheric emissions are not our only problem. Our human footprint is contributing to a perfect storm. ​​

  1. We are polluting our land and seascape faster and faster each year to a point where all life, including humanity, will struggle to survive. Atmospheric, land and especially, river to sea pollution is threatening to overwhelm oxygen based life on this planet. Combined with global warming our seas are gradually becoming acidic.

  2. Glacial, Arctic and especially Antarctic ice melt threatens to raise sea levels endangering every coastal community. A quick peek at the grid pic (top)shows graphically that most of the worlds human population will be affected. But long before that is an issue…

  3. Are you aware that aridity or desertification (estimates of up to 65% of our land mass) is contributing to the global warming process as much as the unnatural gases and particles we are pumping into the atmosphere? There are many reasons why desertification is spreading across the landscape and most of them are caused by mankind’s footprint. So why is everyone is just talking about emissions when there is an equally scary climate warming factor creeping up on us?

  4. Let us add one more factor to the equation, one that is as critical as ocean acidification – The Artic Tundra – it is melting a​nd releasing methane gas in the process. If that is allowed to continue the Methane (trillions of tons of it captured naturally over mil​​lions of years) promises to add to the global warming crisis in a way we can never recover from. This methane gas is 30 times worse than the emissions we are creating. In other words the melting tundra probably represents the single biggest threat to life on the since the Permian mass extinction.

  5. Finally it is the emissions from industrialization that has made us aware of the global warming issue. And your government is adding more fossil fueled power stations to your grid as we write. How are we ever going to reduce emissions by adding more of the same that caused the problem in the first place.


Are we ​​exaggerating? The BBC has recently released a sound bite on a new United nations scientific report “Earth enters new extinction episode” It’s worth noting – its the first in 65 million years, since the dinosaur age… Paul Erlich commenting for the BBC said he had little faith governments will implement the necessary changes to save ourselves… A sobering thought?


Sea pollution and rape of fish stocks is becoming critical. Without the protein (millions of tons of it) the sea provides each year, food security for 7 billion people is going to become a very serious issue.

Conservation international released a stunning message, narrated by Lian Neeson. I AM THE OCEAN – Worth a watch



Are you watching your television set? While our team recognises there is a growing awareness developing from all the media climate exposé’s, we are concerned… that few viewers are really joining the dots. Scientists working on climate and environment issues (across many fields) are desperately trying to get the message across but are restricted by their “professional demeanor”. They are discouraged from giving frantic warnings and if they do, they are quickly chastised, in some cases removed from the main stage, ridiculed and/or refused funding.

Many are working in isolation and so are the media reporting on their findings… so while it’s true the media is bringing the messages to the people (raising awareness), we need to combine all the warnings and recognise the perfect storm that is building. Have you watched “the 11th hour” documentary narrated by Leonardo di Caprio. If not, do so.

You hear a lot about tipping points and mass extinction events. Do you realise how close we are to achieving them? Suffice to say, if we are going to seriously combat the problem we need to recognise that:-

…We don’t have long, at best 30 years to implement the solutions!

…We had better apply a holistic approach! Which means reversing the damage we have started – the alternative is suicide.

…Recognise that simply reducing our carbon emissions (as governments are suggesting and failing dismally to achieve) is not enough – it’s no where near enough!


Alternative energy is an answer. It is however not a whole solution, far from it. It is but a vital step in the right direction. Yet what do we see our governments offering…? While some commitment to renewable sources of energy is being made, it represents only a portion of the ever increasing need for energy the world is demanding. We see governments planning AND ADDING yet more and more fossil fueled generators to the grid (At a rate of 1 per week – globally). Albeit, maybe a fraction cleaner than before. Do the basic arithmetic, If we are unable to reduce our emissions how is this ever going to work? And don’t forget the influence of those established “vested interests”…

Images From A Coal Wholesaler As Modi Seeks To End 40 Year Government Monopoly On Mining And Selling Coal...Workers display their coal-covered hands for a photograph at a wholesaler in New Delhi, India, on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking to end a four-decade-old government monopoly on mining and selling coal. Photographer: Kuni Takahashi/Bloomberg

Don’t you just love coal companies advertising clean coal?!

Do you believe that? We don’t!?  What we see is more of the same that got into this mess in first place, being a completely unacceptable methodology and a mindset that cannot tackle the problem.

Finally, there is little effort being applied to the way we dispose of our waste. With present and exploding population it is unsustainable in the extreme. The inappropriate centralised “grid” method we presently apply to waste, grey water and effluent disposal is not working. It is toxic to life (all life) and is becoming very expensive.



Can we do something to help ourselves? Yes, help fund an alternative holistic solution… your modest contribution to fund The-Harmony-Village will help those of us with the foresight to recognise the problem for what it is – the innovation to develop a real alternative power source in the form of Energywells – and the vision to create a template of holistically sustainable living that humanity can adopt to save itself.

See the link to a crowd funding opportunity that will fund those of us attempting to save our sick biosphere. Can we do it?

…A little funding from a broad mass of people can go a long way.

…There are enough of us out there determined to find solutions.

…There is already an energy alternative – 100% clean, 24 hours a day, realistic electrical generation in meaningful quantities – that will soon be made openly available to any who want to use it – (read the other articles on this site).

…The Harmony Community will offer a template for realistic net zero carbon living that can be adopted and adapted to any lifestyle, commercial environment or industrial requirement.

We will launch the “HARMONY” holistic solution on the platform of this unique form of energy generation.

The Energywell alternative will create a powerful platform indeed!

Will all of us adapt… probably not. Will all of us survive the challenges that climate change will bring… sadly, probably not. Can you be one of the survivors of mankind’s greatest ever challenge? Yes and so can your children. As a species we have a birthright… that being a beautiful planet capable of supporting life into a distant future. Contribute now… join us in tackling mankind’s greatest ever challenge.

* Earth Ship; An Earth ship home (or in our case village) is based on the observations by early astronauts who likened our planet (as seen from their lofty position) to a space ship, quickly followed by an awe inspired recognition that the planet is finite and our species, humanity is sharing a beautiful planet with all other life. Perhaps the only life we will ever encounter. Those astronauts found themselves developing a new level of awareness and respect for Earth’s fragility. An Earth ship home is one that recognises and  respects that awareness.

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