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A Eco-friendly Harmony Community Respects
Nature By Using Gravity To Generate Electricity

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We have done incredible damage to our biosphere
and the powers that be are all talk and no action
Are you keen to be the change you wish to see?

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Is it possible to create an eco-friendly, attractive
and financially sustainable off-grid lifestyle? YES!

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Are YOU going to wait for governments
to solve the many issues facing our future?

We suggest we need to protect our children's birthright now

Harmony – A Carbon Zero Community That Offers Energy Independence And Respects Nature With The Gravity It Deserves


Yes, it is now possible! An EnergyWell offers the powerful generation of 100% clean electricity from Gravity available 24 hours a day.

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The Harmony Community team is working to "open source" this technology and release it onto the world stage. We are prepared to give this technology to the world because we are dismayed that our governments are simply not doing enough to mitigate the environmental damage being caused by fossil fuel use. For those of you with the vision to realize that we must wean ourselves off fossil fuels, here is your chance to be involved in saving our environment while also creating some sorely needed off-grid energy independence.

We need your contacts, your intellectual contribution and a little funding assistance. We are determined this FREE ENERGY device will not be buried through licensing or patent - the methodology which is surprisingly simply will be released on a world stage for all to take advantage of... Get involved. Use this site to join us in creating a grass roots revolution to the new energy systems and convince the world we can avoid the grim reality of a toxic world in which fossil fuels play a major part.



Like so many of you we have discovered the massive fraud behind climate change. Do we believe man plays a role - YES. Due to CO2 - NO! In fact it becoming very clear that there exists a form of climate interference that far from solving the issue, is probably adding to it - called geo-engineering. As if we don't have enough toxicity problems from massive pollution. Reason enough to stop the irresponsible burning of fossil fuels and the mess they create - through extraction to end-user. Free energies exist - its time to release them.



The Harmony Community; is a planned eco-friendly residential development that will offer a lot more than just the comfortable shelter of traditional housing. With a view to providing for the top 3 levels of Mazlow's Hierarchy - being water, food and shelter - Harmony will empower its residents with a full compliment of off-the-grid resources.

Recycling systems:

Capable of achieving 97% efficiency of all waste produced or brought onto site...

Food production:

Utilising Aquaculture, Hydroponic and Organic agriculture,


Natural capture and recycling of all water resources sufficient to support the community

Energy Production:

Powered by an Energywell electrical generator that respects nature with the gravity it deserves

Our vision; is to establish a lifestyle template in which we humans can thrive on the land in sustainable harmony with nature. We believe that means a cellular lifestyle that mimics nature’s organic methods. We believe technology can be and should be our advantage, providing it can be utilised without damaging the environment – ours or yours! If we do so (an environmental crisis is suggesting that we need to urgently) we offer to prove that it can be achieved both ‘green’ and cost effectively without compromising on all the innovating and exciting advantages of modern development. In fact; our vision includes empowering Harmony's residents with a way to get off the economic treadmill. There are many benefits related to financial sustainability independent of the system banking hegemony - the true activist needs the self-reliance only the full compliment of independently sustainable methodologies can provide. 

While this initial project is designed as a low density cooperative that includes agriculture – we will be designing many alternative green hi-tech manufacturing, industrial and commercial options that could fit work together very much like a cells in a simple plant organism. Bio-mimicry: Nature has the answers it only requires us to observe closely and adapt our lifestyle to its methodology. Watch this space as we develop the template and introduce a Free Energy System that promises to add an exciting green technology to Solar and Wind.


This site is in it's infancy there is much to be achieved...

As we all know "Rome wasn't built in a day". So to avoid frustration from our readers its worth noting the phases of development we will be undertaking:-

Phase 1:

Our immediate endeavor is to complete the prototype Energywell so it can be demonstrated efficiently to the world. Raising some funds is required for engineered elements that will ensure the device operates elegantly for verification purposes.

Launch the device 'open source' freely to a world hungry for 100% clean green energy.

Phase 2:

Extend an invitation to all who would contribute innovative ideas that can add to or improve on the research we have undertaken on green technologies appropriate to the development plan of the Harmony Community.

We will build a team of specialist professionals who will ultimately determine the most appropriate technologies, subject to funding available. You could be on the team - Get involved.


Raise initial funding to build The Harmony Community infrastructure. Sponsors will be afforded international prime time viewing exposure on a multi-episode international documentary undertaken from breaking ground to initial home building. A follow up documentary is planned to offer insight into the societal structure; its advantages, challenges and successes

Phase 1 & 2 are underway. You can get involved today. Contributions are obviously welcomed and for that purpose we will shortly be adding a link to our crowd funding options. For those that are unsure we welcome conversation - so contact us. 


If you are concerned about our children's birthright (as we are) you need to get involved. Even if you are not in a position to make a financial contribution we encourage your involvement - this is your planet... its the only home we have.